Beer Pong Party – Game Review (iOS)

I’ve already reviewed two Beer Pong games: AR Pro Pong and Beer Pong AR. None of them was really good. I found those games to be boring, especially when playing them alone. Beer Pong was nice because it gave me the option to customize the arrangement of the glasses, but those two games lack the exciting arcady feeling that I expect to have in such simplistic games.

Yet Another Beer Pong AR Game

Beer Pong Party game screenshot
Me playing Beer Pong Party above my bed in my little room.

A few days ago I got to play yet another version of this games called “Beer Pong Party”.  Berr Pong Party has a few game customization options: you can choose the table size (Small, Medium, Large), choose the number of cups (6, 10 or 16) and choose the cup size (Small, Medium or Large).

Same as Beer Pong AR, Beer Pong Pary also features a local 2-player game mode. You play this game with another local player on the same device. One player throws a ball into the blue cups and the other player throws against the red cups. The goal of the game is simple, the first to remove all cups wins the match.

In a 1-player game mode, you just need to clear all cups and that’s it. The game doesn’t have any global leaderboard or anything like that, it’s just straight on gameplay and that’s it.

In Beer Pong Party you play the game on a 3D table, unlike AR Pro Pong and Beer Pong AR where you place the cups on top of a real physical object. I personally prefer having 3D objects appear on real surfaces when playing an AR game, but for this type of game the table worked well.  Of course, it would be better if there was an option to decide the height of the placement of the surface and let the user choose the way he or she wants to play it. The thing is that if you don’t have a comfortable place to spawn the game and play it, the game does that for you and bring on a table to play the game on. It’s a nice option, but the problem is this is the only option, you don’t get the option to spawn cups on a real surface.

Gameplay Experience

The physics worked really well, and therefore the gameplay turned out to feel pretty good in augmented reality. It bounces well, with a good sound effect that gave a good feel when throwing the ball.

Having said that, my main problem was with the throwing experience. To throw the ball, you have to use a swipe up gesture. I have no problem with that gesture. The main problem is that when I swipe up, I want the ball to move along with the swipe movement to mimic a real physical throwing as real as possible.

However, it doesn’t work that way. When you swipe up, the ball is animated when moving your hand out of the screen, which made the throwing feel unsatisfying. It’s those little things that make a big difference, especially for a game that the only interaction that you have is that ball-throwing mechanic, nothing more.

I played the game while sitting on my bed and quite enjoyed it. It helped me kill some time but there is nothing else that kept me engaged and excited to come back for more.


Beer Pong Party turned out to a mediocre experience. I think with an improved throwing mechanic, the game would felt more fun to play. The local multiplayer is mad well with a rotating table allowing the second player to throw the ball against his cups on the other side of the table, same as the real game.

I do recommend getting it for people who love Beer Pong games or if you search for a 2-player local multiplayer AR game to pass some time when a friend comes by.

You can download Beer Pong Party free from the App Store here.