Beer Pong AR Game Review (iOS)

Beer Pong AR like its name suggests is an Augmented Reality take on the popular Beer Pong game. This game is usually played with two teams of two players each. The standard game played on a table where each site consists of the same number of cups on each side of the table. Each team attempts to shoot ping pong balls into the opponent’s cups. If they score, the other team needs to drink the bear from that cup and the cup is removed from the table. The first team that clears up the cups on their opponent’s side wins the game.

Beer Pong AR gives you the freedom to arrange the beers anywhere you like in the physical space, as long as it’s a surface that ARKit can detect. After the game detects the surface, you need to put 10 cups to start the game.

The game doesn’t play like the traditional game. In the traditional/competitive game, there are two sets of cups on each side of a table. Each player takes his turn and tries to clear all the cups with the lowest amount of throws. Each time you miss one point is added to your total and if you score no points are added. Again, you need to have the least amount of points to win the game.

It seems that there are plenty of ways to play the game. I’ve read on Wikipedia that there are countless variations of rule sets and obviously this game doesn’t promote drinking, it just made to be a fun competitive local multiplayer game.

Beer Pong in augmented reality
You get a Dude! voice each time you put the ball in the cup with some nice visual effects.

The physics of the ball and the sounds make the ball feel like a ping pong ball indeed. It might sound odd that I say it, but I played many games with such terrible physics that for me it’s not that obvious that the physics is nailed properly.

I played it with a friend on my iPad and I lost 3 times in a row. For me, the problem was that I didn’t get a precise control over the ball. I enjoy high-resolution readout when I use the swipe-up touch gesture, but in this game, it seems quite low and it’s a bit hard to get accurate throws. It took me quite a few rounds to get into the game, but after that, I started getting some wins.

The game works well in AR and I haven’t encountered any prominent issues while playing. You can decide whether to place the make the surface grid available or not.

The game itself is fun to play against a friend that come visit you. I think it would have been better to see the ball floating on a liquid surface when you put it in and maybe add some beer splash effect.

By the way, the game remembers the first cup arrangement, so you don’t need to rearrange the cups on the next player’s turn.

overall, a very simple ARKit game that gets boring really fast if you play it alone, which I did try later at night. It’s a nice party game though. There aren’t many AR party game right now so it’s nice to have a game like that to play with your buddies when they come visit. The game isn’t free but paying a dollar for a nice party game and considering there aren’t many of them out there, I see it not as a bad deal. In time, we get to enjoy more interesting and engaging local multiplayer games.

There are much better Beer Pong games for iOS like Beer Pong Trick, Beer Pong Game, Beer Smasher and Beer Pong Extreme among others. Some are more arcade-style, others follow the traditional game rules. I try several of them so I can compare the gameplay experience between the AR version and the normal versions. All of them without exception felt pretty bad with awful physics. I’ve downloaded and played like 5 of the top ones. I was surprised to see how bad the physics were in those games The ball didn’t even feel like a ping pong ball at all.

So bottom line is that compared to the non-AR version, Beer Pong AR feels much more realistic and more fun to play. It’s nice that you can move around the environment and aim from different angles. It’s not that I suddenly became a fan of this game, but it’s hard to judge the quality of the game if you don’t look at similar games.

I still feel that they could have made the game more splashy, literally. I also think that there is plenty of space to add different game modes here with something more arcade-style. Maybe stay with the original beer cups and not the red ones. Maybe make it possible for the player to topple the glass with the beer. I think it will be cool seeing the beer spilled on the surface. I know I’m going crazy here with ideas, but that’s what I want to see in ARKit games, a bit more exotic ideas to spice things up a bit, maybe not a bit, a lot! If there are so many version of this game, why not get crazy and offer several games modes?

I can recommend it for those who love playing Beer Pong and those who are searching for a local multiplayer game to play with their friends.

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