Hololab: Magnetism

Hololab: Magnetism AR – App Review (iOS)

I’ve been reviewing many different educational augmented reality (AR) apps on AR Critic in the last months. Many of them were aimed at children, like Math Ninja AR, Galactic Explorer (for Merge Cube) and others. Jigspace is one of my favorites and I really enjoyed educating myself using it.

Interactive Learning in AR is Fun!

Today I came across a new augmented reality app called Hololab: Magnetism (AR) for iOS. The subject was “magnetism”. I’m sure that nowadays kids learning this in school but when I was in school nobody taught me that. I think you needed to go to do electronics as primary to learn about that. Anyways, it was a long time ago but even then, I am always open to learning new things.

Learning about magnetism in augmented reality
Learning through playing games is so much fun, especially in augmented reality!

I don’t know much about magnetism and I was actually excited to try this app out. This is an educational app in a series of apps that were designed to teach kids about different subjects. Of course, this app can also be beneficial for adults as well who never god educated about that specific topic.

One of the great things about this app is that employs interactivity and gaming in order make the learning process more fun, engaging and exciting. After finishing toying around with the app, I’ve learned more about magnetism.

This isn’t by any means a really in-depth learning session, but a very basic introduction to magnetism.

magnetic field in augmented reality educational app
Visualizing the magnetic field in augmented reality, a fun and exciting learning experience.

The app features three different mini-games that work like a test. Instead of making a stressful quiz, the app tests your knowledge using mini-games. I found those mini-games to be fun and entertaining. I was sitting on the bed in my room and really enjoyed learning about magnetism. After a few minutes, I can say that I understand a little more about it then I did before using the app.

Interactive learning using mini-games is so much fun, especially in augmented reality. It was easy for me to grasp the magnetic field structure by just moving around the magnet and seeing the trails that the particles left behind. All I had to do is to move the iPad around the magnet and observe it, and it was a fantastic learning experience.

I also really like the animated 3D model guide that explained things with calm voice, so I felt like I had someone with me that guides me through the learning process. This eased the little stress I had and I felt comfortable, relaxed and ready to consume the new knowledge I was about to be taught using this app.


Hololab: Magnetism (AR) is a great little educational app. The app does what it meant to do, teach people the basics of magnetism and nothing more. It was designed to be accessible for children, so you won’t find and in-depth educational content or mathematic formulas.

Having said that, I think it would be nice if the app had some sort of progression, to teach more advanced subjects to those who want to learn more and willing to spend more time to learn more advanced topics about magnetism. So in some ways, it felt maybe too limited in terms of educational value scope but it was a good learning experience nonetheless.

We definitely need more of these type of augmented reality apps on the App Store. I found it so much more motivating for me to learn new things than reading it in a book or watching a video.The fact that it was interactive and mixd a gaming experience into the learning process, made a big difference to me.

Overall, I a good app for anyone who wants to learn the basics of magnetism.

Download Hololab: Magnetism (AR) free from the App Store here.