AR Butterflies app

AR Butterflies – App Review (iOS)

I personally prefer watching butterflies in nature than their virtual counterpart. It doesn’t happen frequently that I get to be in the place and time where you can observe beautiful butterflies in nature. Maybe I should get out more.

Butterflies in augmented reality
It’s a relaxing experience, that’s for sure.

Anyways, a few days ago I’ve downloaded an app called AR Butterflies. This is not the first virtual butterflies app that I’ve tried, the first one was Live Butterflies.

I found Live Butterflies to be a relaxing experience, and I see it most;y suitable for kids who experience AR for the first time. Other than that, I didn’t see myself seeing it as a relaxing app.

Anyways, I wondered if AR Butterflies would be any different, so I’ve decided to try it out.

Butterflies in front of a pagoda in Seoul
Virtual butterflies flying in front of a beautiful pagoda in Seoul, South Korea.

I am staying in Seoul, South Korea right now. I thought it would be an interesting experience trying out this app in front of a beautiful relaxing place than in the crumpy backyard of my home.

One of the unique features of Live Butterflies is the option to touch the screen and a butterfly will come and sit on your finger., kind of. It was an entertaining interaction, something that is unlikely to happen in nature, so it is nice that you can experience in in augmented reality.

AR Butterflies has three main interactions: slow-mo effect, the ability to spawn caterpillars that turn into butterflies and tapping on surface ill make the butterflies land on it. So overall more type of interactions and you can also take a snapshot of the scene with the virtual butterflies and save it to your library.


I have to say that I liked AR Butterflies better, especially the slow-mo effect and the caterpillar idea.However, at the end of the day, it’s among those type of apps that I probably won’t touch ever again.  Maybe if it had some educational value, I would bother spending more time with it, as I know little about butterflies but love seeing them in nature.

Download AR Butterflies app free from the App Store here.