PuzzlAR Forbidden City

Playing PuzzlAR New Forbidden City Puzzle in Seoul

Today I revisited the game PuzzlAR, which I’ve already reviewed here on AR Critic. PuzzlAR: World Tour is a fantastic puzzler that was designed from the ground up for augmented reality and you can feel it in every part of the game’s DNA.

It’s one of the better puzzlers out there as it feels more physical than the other ones that I’ve played to date.

Solving Forbidden Palace puzzle in front of a beautiful Pagoda in Seoul
Solving Forbidden City puzzle in front of a beautiful Pagoda in Seoul, South Korea.

What made me come back is the new puzzle called Forbidden City. The puzzle structure resembles the actual “Forbidden City”, a palace complex in central Beijing, China.

You know, sometimes you need to be in a specific place and time to fully appreciate a game like PuzzlAR.

Today I went deliberately to play PuzzlAR at Jongmyo Shrine area in Seoul. I also captured gameplay videos for some other games on the way, but the main reason I went there is to play PuzzlAR.

I love AR puzzle games because for me they are a good way to relax. I love puzzle games that are challenging, and if you search for some good challenges, PuzzlAR: World Tour has that as well.

PuzzlAR was updated with a new score system and world leaderboard. It also has a new discovery mode to find all the hidden animals.

Today I was more into a casual gameplay. I didn’t aim to break any previous record, although I happened to do that because this was the first time me trying out that new puzzle.

For me, playing PuzzlAR at Jongmyo Shrine was a magical moment. I actually decided to play the puzzle on a relatively large scale, so I can also enjoy watching the beautiful entrance of Jongmyo Shrine.in the background.

I’ve already taken a tour inside, and it’s a beautiful place. Here, take a look at this photo.

Inside Jongmyo Shrine area in Seoul
Inside Jongmyo Shrine area in Seoul

There was something “magical” and so relaxing playing PuzzlAR in front of that beautiful place. The weather was cold, but you could feel the warmth of the son. The game’s beautiful Chinese music starts playing in the background as I watched the pieces fly up into the air in front of that beautiful pagoda.

I usually play relaxing music on YouTube to relax on my free time, but this was on a completely new level. Furthermore, the game blended so beautifully with the environment, it was like the pagoda and the surrounding area was designed specifically to be part of the game’s background itself. For me, that background levitated the puzzle-solving experience times fold.

Finished solving Forbidden Palace puzzle
A great finale, and what an amazing way to start a new day in Seoul!

Some things, especially certain emotions, are hard to explain. That morning was different and I enjoyed AR in a very unique and exciting way.

Although it was delightful to have this type of setup every time I play PuzzlrAR, the experience is still exciting no matter where you play it.

Although I didn’t break any amazing record today, I definitely enjoy playing the new “Forbidden City” puzzle and that AR experience at that specific place was one that I will never forget.

I do intend to visit more beautiful places and place PuzzlAR there. Once I do, I will share that in videos and post some great screenshots for you to enjoy.

I am pretty sure that next time I play PuzzlAR outdoors, I will be more into breaking some world records, so stay tuned for some great videos!

If you haven’t played PuzzlAR: World Tour yet, you should definitely do so. You can download PuzzlAR: World Tour from the App Store here.