Eat It!: An AR Experience

Eat It! an AR Experience – AR Mode Game Review (iOS)

Eat It!: An AR Experience is a funny AR game. The goal is to try to eat as many Foodimojis (food + emojis) as possible before the time runs out.

Eat It! has two games modes, the first one is an AR mode that uses the rear camera. The game places food on the ground and you need to use your device like a mouth, get close to the food, and once you are close, tap to eat it.

The second mode is a face-based mode for iPhone X only that uses the face recognition technology. The faster you crunch the faster you’ll move. You need to open your real mouth to eat those Foodimojis. You can tilt your head to steer left and right and you’ll gain additional time for every Food you eat. If you miss, you knock teeth out and if you’re out of teeth the game is over.

I don’t have the iPhone X, so I only played the AR version and therefore I only review the AR mode in this article,

The AR version of the game is very annoying because it’s very uncomfortable bending your knees every time to eat a new food that spawns on the floor. Maybe a small kid won’t have a problem with it, but as an adult, I found it very annoying. The iPhone X version should be much more fun and comfortable to play but I didn’t have a chance to try it out.

If you have the iPhone X, I recommend checking this game out, for just the AR mode, I only recommend it for kids, as they are small and won’t need to break their knees playing this game. Although just keep in mind that the game is rated 9+ on the App Store.

You can download Eat It! from the App Store here.