AR Sea Wars

AR Sea Wars – Game Review (iOS)

Yesterday I came across the game AR Sea Wars. This game with not too catchy icon turned out to be pretty good. It’s essentially Battleship board game reimagined in AR.


Battleship is a two-player turn-based board game. In AR Sea Wards you can play against an AI opponent, against a local player or against an online player.

Placing ships on the grid. Just drag and drop the ships from the left pane onto the AR grid.

The goal is to sink all your opponent’s battleships to win the game.

The game takes place on a 10 by 10 grid. Each player needs to position 5 different ships and submarines on the grid. Some ships are big and can take 5 squares on the grid, others are smaller. Players can position the ship anywhere they like as long as they don’t overlap each other.

Placing the ships is fun, you just drag them from the left side from the 2D menu onto the virtual 3D grid in augmented reality.

Once each player finishes its preparations, the game begins. Each player has to sink all the ships of its opponent by bombing it. To bomb ships you need to guess where the ships are located on the 10×10 grid of your enemy. Each player has one guess each turn. If a player is able to hit a ship, he or she gets to play another turn.

Let’s check out some actual gameplay! (sorry for the lack of audio, iPad’s fault, but the game does have music and sound effect)

AR Experience & Fun Factor

The game presentation is from being impressive. It would be nicer if this game had some more realistic looking water area with waves, etc. That being said the gameplay is really simple and its fun comes from the strategic gameplay. I can enjoy playing this game even if there were just cubes instead of ships.

I am a big fan of the game and I remember playing the physical version of its when I was a child. Stil.

The thing is that if the developer is already bringing this game to AR, why not make it more visually exciting. I mean, it would feel much better if the game had beautiful sea visuals and more impressive animations. When you spawn a game like that for the first time, you don’t get that “Wow” factor and you kind of feel a bit of disappointment.

AR Sea Wars ship explosion visual effect
Unimpressive visuals

Overall, the AR experience was disappointing, but the game is fun and quite addicting I have to say.

Waiting for player to join a multiplayer match
Waiting for a player to join a multiplayer match, no one came.


If you enjoyed playing Battleship game, I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing it in AR as well. However, there are already non-AR versions of this game that are equally fun, and you have better chances of getting a real player to play with you in the multiplayer mode. I’ve spent 10 minutes trying to find a real player to play with me, but no one appeared.

If you are looking for a non-AR version, you can try out Battleships – “Fleet Battle – Sea Battle”.  AR Sea Wars is one of those games that I just prefer not playing in AR. Of course, someone had to make an AR version of it someday.

Bottom line, a fun casual board game to burn some free time but nothing more.

Download AR Sea Wars from the App Store for free here.