Audi quattro coaster AR App Released (iOS)

Audio has released an app called Audi quattro coaster AR. This is an augmented reality experience that uses ARKit to bring the Audi Q2, Audi Q5, Audi Q7 and Audi A7 quattro to life in your real world.

The app offers several features. The first one is the option to choose the car and spawn a virtual 3D model of it on a surface wherever you are located. You can then resize it to true-to-scale size or a smaller or bigger size as you find fit.

The 3D car models are very detailed and can give the user a very clear look how the car looks without needing to go to the local car shop or an exhibition. The car is exhibited especially for you no matter where you are. You can observe the outside and inside of the car and get to “feel” it.

The second feature is an ad extender feature. You point the camera when the Audio quattro TV ad is displayed and you can see the car bursting out of the screen into your living room.

The third feature is a track-building option, which allows users to easily build a track and let the car drive on it in either daylight or at night. The app renders the trail and makes the road and surrounding look more realistic with elevation, it’s pretty cool.

I track building can be very jittery if you build a big track, just so you know. Overall, a nice app for people who show interest in one of these cars and want a quick way to get some first impressions. There is also a link where you can locate an official dealer close to your place.

Download the app from the app store here.