Smash Tanks! Off-screen

Playing Smash Tanks! with off-screen gameplay video

Today I’ve recorded a video of me playing Smash Tanks! both on-screen and off-screen. I aligned those video up so you can clearly see how Smash Tanks actually plays on the iPad.

I usually don’t do this for all my gameplay videos but maybe I should. You can clearly see that you can easily play Smash Tanks! with a single finger, same as Angry Birds. You just swipe and hold o aim and decide on the power of the shot and then release to fling your tank towards that desired direction.

I love these type of one-finger control mobile games because it’s very intuitive. This is one of the reasons why Smash Tanks! is so accessible and everyone can play it.

Even setting up the game takes seconds. You scan the floor, reposition the game area and resize it to your liking. I also show that in the video, so you can see how quickly it is to start this game. It might look obvious, but believe me, some developers do this initialization process very complicated and annoying.

I hope you find it useful. I’ll bring more cool videos of me playing Smash Tanks! with some gameplay tips and tricks, so stay tuned.