Triple-tank elimination in Smash Tanks game

Nuke-only 5-tank multi-Incredible Smash Tanks! Gameplay

A few minutes ago I’ve decided to go all nuke and make a custom game in Smash Tanks! with the Nuke bomb being the only drop in the game. You can imagine that this wasn’t just yet another round of Smash Tanks!, but literally a very explosive one.

The nuke weapon once triggered, will destroy every enemy unit that stands within the explosion radius. However, the explosion only happens in the next turn. To play smart, make sure you push the enemy tanks into the radius of the explosion, which is visible on the map before it hits, so all enemies within it will be wiped out.

As you can see from this video, I’ve deliberately chosen a 5-tank setup with all Nuke, just to see how a game like that will turned out to be. It was indeed awesome, and I was able to easily get the 3-tank award by eliminating three tanks one after the other in a short interval.

What I also liked is that the “Incredible” voice repeats itself (probably duplicated by code in a new channel) so it sounds really cool when you able to execute such devastating attack.Having said that, it was fun but I wouldn’t use in other games because it just ruins all the tactical gameplay experience. The bomb radius is too large and covers half of the game area, living almost no chance for the enemy to do anything about it. Anyways, I just thought you’ll be interested to see how a nuke-only game mode with 5-tanks each side plays.