Playing Smash Tanks on water

Playing Smash Tanks! on Water feat. cute ducks

Today I’ve decided to do something different. I’ve decided that it can be really cool to play my favorite AR game Smash Tanks! on water—so that’s exactly what I did. I went to a nearby park green park, took my iPad out from the bag and got ready to play some Smash Tanks!

I never played a game n water before. Just to clarify things, it’s not me that was in the water, it’s the game. I tried spawning the board on the water, but ARKit wasn’t able to detect the water as a surface. So what I did was to scan the part of the grass area first then I dragged the game area onto the lake. This actually worked quite nice, although some jittering occurred because of this. Nevertheless, I think the final result was worth it and I liked how the video turned out to be.I hope you like it as well. I will try to bring you unique outdoor gameplay captures, not just indoors footage

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