Smash Tanks using shield buff

Low-angle Smash Tanks Gameplay and an important Tip!

Today I’ve decided to play Smash Tanks in a slightly larger area. Furthermore, I wanted to show you how the game looks when you play it at a low angle. The great thing about AR games is that you can physically move the game environment wherever you like.

Playing seated and viewing the game in low angle turned out to be a very nice experience. The main reason for that is that the game also uses the vertical space with its 3D building structures, for dropping down power-ups and weapon crates from the sky, for the weapon visual effects, etc.

I’ve experienced the same thrills when I played Crazy Monsters Strike, Siege Breakers Squishy Hoops, AR togater and other AR games—it just feels fun playing games that take good use of the physical vertical space.

In some ways, when you play an AR game you feel like a player and the spectator at the same time. When you filmed yourself playing the game, you feel like a director of a movie, because your iPhone or iPad that you are playing with, controls the actual 3D camera that moves within the virtual 3D space.

You can check out this gameplay video that I took earlier today and you can see what I mean.

Now for the tip that I’ve promised you. When I get the shield item, I usually don’t use it. This is a mistake as this can easily cause the player to lose your tank, even worse, to lose the entire round. As you can see in the video above, I wasn’t expecting my tank to get hit by the building that fell on top of my tank. However, when my other units were low health, I’ve decided to activate it and I am happy that I did. A moment later, I hit an enemy tank and thrown against the building, which causes it to collapse and killing my other tank, but the one with the shield wasn’t damaged. So the shield not only protects you from enemy damage, but also from collapsing building. In fact, once it’s active, you can’t take any damage at all. I haven’t tried it with the nuke, but I assume it protects you from Armegaddon nuke bomb as well.

I personally prefer using the shield if this is the only tank left, so I know the enemy will try to hit it in his next turn. However, watch if your tank has low health, it’s better to use the shield just to be sure your tank can survive the next turn. This is especially crucial if the enemy has obtained a weapon that can hit your tank from far away, or you are near lots of buildings that can collapse on your unit at any given time.

I hope you enjoy viewing the gameplay and don’t forget to use this tip once you challenge your friends in Smash Tanks!.