Nuke bomb in Smash Tanks!

Nuking two tanks, 2x Incredible! – Smash Tanks Gameplay

One of the things that I love the most in Smash Tanks is the ability to destroy buildings but even more than that, I enjoy destroying tanks and hearing the girl in the game scream: “Incredible!”. It’s even better if you are able to destroy several tanks in a short delay. This exactly what happened when I used the Nuke weapon (“Armeggadon”)  to eliminate two tanks at the same time.

I’ve played the 5 tank custom game mode, so I had a better chance eliminating several tanks with one Nuke. I also made sure that it has a better chance of dropping (you can also make it the only weapon available if that what you wish).

The nuke bomb is cool. It doesn’t detonate in the same turn, only in the following turn. This gives you the option to push other enemy tanks into the explosion area to be able to eliminate as much enemy tanks as you can.

I plan to use only Nuke weapons next time. You can check out the full round gameplay with the two-time tank eliminations in one shot, complimenting me on my superb tactical play 🙂