Top ARKit apps December 2017

Top 10 ARKit Apps of December 2017 – Happy New Year Edition!

2017 was a fantastic year for Augmented Reality. I’ve been able to play so many great games and try so many fun and original apps. Of course, some are better than others. In this post, I want to showcase what in my opinion are the most noticeable ones that I enjoy using the most in December 2017.

I have to admit, December was an exciting month for me. Not just that I had to opportunity to try out some really great AR experience but I was able to interact with developers from all around the world and share my feedback to help them build better AR apps. This thing made me feel great like I am doing something more active and I’m sure the result will be that we get to see better app. It feels great being part of this great community and being part of the communication between app users and devs.

I will continue the same efforts in 2018 as well. I couldn’t do it with all your support. You made it all worthwhile. If you want to become an active supporter of my website, you can check out the pinned tweet on my Twitter account. If you are a developer and want me to review your app, you can do so by contacting me through any of the social channels or email, or use the Review Key submission page button on the sidebar of this blog.

OK, so without further ado, let’s take a look at the Top 10 apps and games for December 2017. The list is displayed in no particular order.

Smash Tanks! (Single-player/Multiplayer Turn-based tactical Game)

Smash Tanks!

Smash Tanks is the best local multiplayer ARKit game on the App Store as of the time of writing. It’s humorous, challenging, and most importantly, fun to play. It enforces tactical thinking and sports dynamic gameplay due to random power-up drops, destructible buildings, and cross-tank synergies. However, It lacks online multiplayer, and a rewarding progression system that could have made this game so much more attractive.  Still, Smash Tanks turned out as one of the most enjoyable AR games that I’ve played on my iPad. It’s a must-have game for any ARKit iPhone/iPad owner hands down.

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Castle Must Be Mine AR (Tower Defense AR Game)

Castle Must Be Mine AR game

Castle Must Be Mine AR is a spectacular augmented reality tower defense game. It features gorgeous visuals, a challenging strategic gameplay, good progression, various maps with strategic gameplay differentiation and most importantly it’s super fun to play and plays wonderfully in AR. Maybe some boss levels and unique heroes could have spice things up a bit, but these are just personal wishes. CastleMustBeMine AR is an exemplar of how to make a great AR game. It enters my list of the must-have ARKit games.

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AR Space Warso (360-degree Third-person AR Shooter)

Ship explosion in the sky

AR Space Wars came as a very nice surprise. The lock-and-auto-shoot game controls felt really good. The amazing explosion effects made it fun taking down enemies. The game has plenty of levels and offers a fun, addictive and challenging gameplay experience. A well-made augmented reality shooter that I definitely recommend playing.

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Orbu (Stunning AR puzzler for all ages)

Orbu ARKit game screenshot

Orbu is a fantastic ARKit game that takes you on a great little adventure as you guide adorable Orbu creatures to their homes. The game features engaging and fun gameplay controls and takes place at attractive and beautifully designed levels. The collectibles and level rating add some replay value. Although the game is rather short and not too challenging for adult gamers, it’s a great AR game for all ages, especially kids—Highly Recommended!

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Waddle Home AR (Cute and challenging AR Puzzler)

Waddle Home AR game screenshot

Waddle Home AR is a fun and challenging puzzle game taking place in beautiful arctic settings. The game requires moving around the game area in order to locate hidden eggs, switches, and doorways. With fantastic presentation and interesting mechanics, it’s definitely one of those ARKit games that you ought to play in AR—Recommended.

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Bemo (Fantastic AR camera app)

3D avocado lost its seed, Bemo AR screenshot

Bemo is a great Augmented Reality camera app that allows anyone to view, create and share funny videos quickly and effortlessly. It comes with built-in social features that inspire and motivates users to create their own crazy AR videos and share them with friends. Bemo is all about having and sharing a good laugh with friends and this app was able to deliver this experience exceptionally well—Highly Recommended!

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Bag It, Santa! AR (Challenging little AR game, not just for Christmas)

Bag It, Santa! AR game

Bag It, Santa! AR is among those little AR games that just come to you as a great surprise. I found this physics-based game to be fun, amusing and insanely addicting. What a great ARKit app for greeting Christmas. It’s a game for all ages and I think everyone, a child or an adult, will enjoy playing it. Challenge your friends to see who gets the highest score. A must-have game for Christmas and beyond—Highly Recommended!

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AiR Monster (Kid-friendly Arcade Shooter)

AiR Monster iOS game screenshot

Air Monster is a fabulous cartoon-style kid-friendly arcade shooter. It sports cheerful visuals accompanied by playful music and exciting gameplay experience. The shooter experience is fun and challanging (mostly for kids). The monster collectibles album helps to increase the replay value and adds a bit of adventure flavor to the game. One of the more entertaining casual ARKit shooters out there—Recommended!

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Meing (3D avatar creator with social, video and AR features)

Meing camera app screenshotMein delivers the best AR experience I’ve tried to date. It features a remarkable 3D avatar creation utility alongside some amazing;y amusing and eye-catching social, video making/sharing and augmented reality features. It’s AR features take a front row and allow people to create some amazing videos with their own 3D avatar it and easily share it with others.— a superb social AR app!

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Lego AR Studio (Play Lego in Augmented Reality)

Lego AR Studio

Lego AR Studio is a fantastic Augmented Reality app that makes great use of the ARKit technology to enhance and supplement the LEGO gameplay experience whether you playing it as a standalone app or alongside your own physical LEGO creations. A must-have AR app for kids and Lego fans alike.

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I hope you enjoy discovering those great new ARKit games. I enjoyed playing every single one of those. No doubt that developers have done an amazing job delivering great AR experiences. It’s wasn’t long ago that we’ve just introduced to this new ARKit technology and just look what developers were able to make with it. With imagination and a strong ambition to create, you can achieve great things.

December 2017 was an amazing month that gave birth to some of the best ARKit Augmented Reality games. I personally enjoy playing Smash Tanks the most and I’m still waiting for the online multiplayer to arrive. Smash Tanks also received our Editor’s Choice Award. It’s a paid app, but it’s worth every cent.

Now all is left to do is have fun and look forward to the amazing new apps of 2018. I have no doubt that the best is yet to come.

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Happy new year 2018