The AR revolution

AR is Revolutionizing the way we View, Create and Share experiences

After seeing both Snapchat and Facebook offering their own AR creation software (Lens Studio by Snap and AR Studio by Facebook), I’ve felt that we are entering a new era that is revolutionizing the way people view, create and share experiences.

Hybrid images and videos combining real and virtual is the way of the future. Suddenly, what looks like this came out of the blue, everyone becomes a director of his own videos. Everyone, with just a touch of willingness to create, entertain and share can produce unique visual experiences. Those tools that we are using do the hard lifting, and all we need to do is to think about cool and creative ideas and use those tools to bring them to life.

Snapchat Lens is an amazing idea and Snap did a smart move opening it to the public—same for Facebook. This will definitely increase the demand for 3D animators and modelers in the market. I’m sure we’ll get to see lost of online tools and apps that help users to create amazing animations that people can customize to their liking and share on messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Snapchat.

We are living in times where a standard photo or video seems like a thing of the past and Mixed Reality is the present way to entertain your friends. People like being entertained and entertain, they like to surprise and be surprised, they like to get excited and have a laugh. It seems like it’s not that easy to entertain by just sharing regular photos and videos nowadays. This is why we enjoy going to the movies and see movies, to experience something different, dive into an unknown story, see new and different things. If it wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t have a problem seeing the same movie a thousand times, but we don’t.

Augmented Reality technology is revolutionizing the way we express ourselves online. We love AR because it makes it easier for us to SHARE and EXPRESS our thoughts and feelings in a very CREATIVE way. We don’t need to employ designers, video editing professionals or have knowledge of software development to be able to be the directors of our own movies and impress out friends with really cool images and videos.

AR allows us to become more creative as it allows us to blend the virtual with the real world to create unique experiences that until not too long ago, we only got a chance to experience them in the movies. Of course, the technology is still in its early days, and there is a lot of room for innovation and improvements.

I played around with Lens Studio and I was amazed how easy it was to create your own AR experience and immediately view it in the real world a few seconds later. In fact, I actually viewed the character that I’ve imported on the same computer I was running Lens Studio. Every time I log in to my Twitter account I start searching for cool new Augmented Reality Lenses that people make using Lens Studio. It was just announced yesterday, but I’ve already seen some really cool Lenses, let along the ones that were already officially released by Snap prior to Lens Studio’s announcement.

For me, creativity is everything. What’s the point living just to do whatever everybody else does or repeating work of others?  Without creativity, I feel that my life is empty. The need to create new things is an integral part of my life. This is expressed in anything I do, including when sharing special moments or experiences with friends and family via photos and videos.

This is why I love photography. Even when I record AR videos I try to find the right angles to make the video look unique and interesting. Now with AR, I can create so many interesting photos and videos in a way that isn’t possible without this technology. I really feel that I can create really cool videos. I also feel a need to share it with others and see what they think of it.

Creativity is what motivates me to do everything I do every single day. Creativity is why I admire apps like Vixeo, Flotogram, and Meing. With AR I can mix the unique virtual content with the beauty of our own world. By combining the two I can create so many amazing things. Just seeing a single 3D model of a cat lights up a dozen of ideas instantly. Just imagine what my mind is going through when I get my hands on  those amazing Augmented REality apps that developers are continuously releasing every week,

Augmented Reality is revolutionizing the way we express ourselves, the way we create and share images and videos. it’s the tools that are available for people to express themselves in ways that are completely different than anything they have done previously. In the past weeks, I found myself being a director of my own videos, feeling what it is like to be the photographer and the director of my own movies. The AR characters are my actors, the real world is the scene. Before AR I only felt like it when I took videos of places when I travel abroad. Now I can do this in the comfort of my home and literally everywhere I go.

I’m sure in the near future we are going to see tons of new tools for AR, both software, online services and mobile apps. Lens Studio and AR Studio is just the beginning, but it’s an important tool that will definitely help push the AR industry forward and motivates developers to create amazing tools and experiences for it. As users, we are all going to enjoy viewing, making and sharing experiences in a fascinating new way—in AR.