Donald Trump Snapchat lens

Donald Trump Dancing Snapchat AR Lens (Lens Studio)

Just came across a Donald Trump Augmented Reality Lens that was designed using Lens Studio.  I knew someone will release a funny Donald Trump Snapchat lens sooner or later.

I tested it out in the living room, it’s actually quite nice and funny.

You can scan the barcode on this page and try it yourself. Now that Lens Studio is out and everybody can make its own Snapchat Lens, we are going to see a lot of Trump lenses. I’m really interested to see what people are going to create with it. This is just a non-interactive one, but Lens Studio support scripting and events, so you are going to see Lenses that are more fun and interactive than this one. Still, it’s the first one that I came across, so I thought I would share it with you.