Kickerinho World AR mode

Kickerinho World (AR Mode) Review

Kockerinho World is a freestyle football simulator mobile game. I was actually interested in playing it without knowing that it even has an AR mode because the cam looks really cool. After I found out that it has an AR mode I was even more excited.

What is Kickerinho World?

Kickerinho is a freestyle soccer ball trick game where the player needs to learn 34 different tricks and test his skills in 650 different challenges. You can challenge your friends and even compete against other teams.

Kickerinho is among those games that are very easy to learn but very hard to master. It relied heavily on perfect tapping timing. Unfortunately for me, I am very bad in those type of games that require very good timing. It takes me sometimes hours to get into the game.

3D character juggling a soccer ball in augmented reality
My character juggling a soccer ball outdoors in the backyard.

The game controls are very simple. For example, if the ball goes to the left foot, you need to tap on the left side of the screen slightly before or the exact time the ball touches the left foot. If the ball goes to the head, you need to tap both left and right to hit the ball with your head. There are many other tricks of course, but the controls stay simple and not complicated.

The thing is that the tricks are chosen randomly. You don’t know ahead of time which side the ball will move to and you need to adapt both to the sides and the area in the body and tap on the screen to execute the trick, It can be really confusing. For example, if the ball has a yellow ring on it, this means that means that you need to tap and hold to hold the ball on your foot and release it when the yellow ring finishes circulating the ball.

Kickerinho World AR mode screenshot
When the yellow ring appears around the ball, this hints that you need to tap and hold to hold the ball on your foot (Leg Stall trick), just one of the available tricks in the game.

There are a lot of amazing tricks and the more tricks you learn, the more challanging the game becomes. It’s really satisfying once you are able to continuously juggle the ball without failing.

The game features lots of challenges that will keep you entertained for a long time. You ca neven join teams and compete against other players.

Kickerinho World AR Mode

The normal mode looks amazing, so colorful and cheerful. The game features stunning backgrounds and amazing cartoon style characters and animations. It’s essential to nail the animations right in this type of games that it’s main focus is on character’s animation.

Unlocking Left Stall trick
Unlocking Left Stall trick in Kickerinho World.

Once you change to the AR mode you lose the vibrant gorgeous background but you still get to enjoy the same superb character design and animations but in augmented reality.  Everything else looks the same, including the user interface and the visual effects.

Only the actual juggling gameplay part is in AR, the other menus to customize your characters, joining a team, etc—all are in the Normal mode not in AR.

The AR experience was very pleasing. I was able to spawn the character quickly where I want after a short initial surface scan. If I wasn’t satisfied with the character placement I could tap to relocate it. There is no option to resize the character, but the game favors life-size and it will adapt the size based on the surface dimensions. Overall, I didn’t have any issues, the game deployed the 3D character at the right size every time and I was able to start playing without any issues.

Just keep in mind that the game only plays in portrait orientation both in Normal mode and in AR. This is why in the gameplay video that I posted you see black areas on the left and right side of the video. It isn’t a problem because this is the most appropriate way to play the game because you need that extra vertical space when juggling the ball on your head.


Kickerinho World screenshot
The Normal looks look great, shining with stunning vibrant colors.

Kickerinho World is a fantastic and very addictive mobile game. It has a superb gameplay mechanics that are simple to learn but offer players with a challanging gameplay experience.

Players can level up their player, customizes it, take on many different types of challenges, play in Leauge mode, learn new tricks and more.

The game plays really well in AR. I really enjoyed playing it in AR even better than the Normal mode. It was really cool seeing my chosen character juggling a soccer ball right in front of me in the backyard.

It reminds me of another game called Flip Knife AR. A simple game that once you start playing it you just can’t let go. However, this game has much more depth and it way more challanging and fun.

I really want to see how good you are in this game. I definitely need more practice. It took me an hour just to get into shape. I think that by tomorrow I will be able to hold on the ball more than 20 seconds straight, what is very hard for me to do right now. I also look forward unlocking some more cool tricks.

Kickerinho World is free in the App Store and I just can’t recommend it enough—Highly Recommended!