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Blocks Tower AR Review

Blocks Tower AR by Grotbutn OU is an augmented reality Jenga-like ARKit game but with different rules and for one player only. You need to remove as many blocks as you can but be careful not to drop the roof. If the roof touches the surface, it’s game over.

Blocks Tower AR is a physics-based balancing game that reminds me another game called AR-Tower that I reviewed last month.

I liked AR-Tower much better because it was way more challanging, interesting, it plays in large-scale which was much more immersive, it was organized in levels with increased difficulty, it looked better and had better UI presentation, and the physics were much better.

Blocks Tower AR screenshot
Yep, this is it, now start moving those blocks, but be careful not to let the room touch the ground.

One of the advantages of Blocks Tower AR is that you can play it in a small area and the gameplay is quite fun.  My main problem with this game is that it’s always the same block arrangement, the block physics was very jittery and felt unrealistic. It felt like the blocks are made of feather. Furthermore, the game is very easy because of the awkward physics and how easy it is to pull the pieces out of the tower with a quick swipe.

The game has a block texture store, where you can pay with points to unlock more realistic looking textures for your blocks. Once you purchase them, you can choose to apply them or use the default colors. I have to say the skin rendering look nice, shiny and realistic.

Jenga skins unlock screen
Unlock realistic skins for your blocks.

I wish there was more to share about this game, but there is nothing interesting to write home about. I still have a warm place in my heart for these type of puzzle games.

Overall, a skippable game, unless you have nothing else to play and you want to try out a new ARKit game.

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