Kubiod AR

Kuboid AR Review

Kuboid AR is a simple yet challenging augmented reality puzzle game. The player needs to collapse connected matching color cubes.

Each time you tap on any of the bricks the game adds a full set of a 3×3 level at the bottom.You can stack up to a maximum of 11 cubes, if you pass that height it’s game over.

Kubid AR also comes with a non-AR version as well, so you can choose to play which version you prefer. To be honest, I don’t see any reason to play a game like this in AR. It’s a photogenic game that looks nice in AR because of it’s simplistic and colorful visuals, but other than, I preferred playing it in the normal version.

some games like Leap Endless Run play completely different in AR than in Normal mode, but even then, some games are just not exciting to play in AR. Leap Endless Run was nice because you have the movement of the character the platforms floating in your living room. In Kuboid you just have those colorful blocks and the option to rotate the structure around.

It might not sound important, but for me, this makes a big difference.Take a look at a game like Stack AR for example. There is something fascinating watching the blocks moving in mid-air and seeing the physics taking place in the real world. Not that it’s very exciting, but the visual experience is better. I didn’t get that same experience when I played Kuboid.

I like puzzle games, and I think that this game could be more fun if it was more arcady with more flashy visual effects or maybe some power-ups hidden within some blocks for a more dynamic gameplay experience. As it is now, it’s kind of boring. I don’t see myself being motivated to play more than what I’ve already played.

The game comes with a global leaderboard so you can compare your score against other players.

Overall, nothing exciting to report. Just a simple casual puzzler that you probably won’t mother to play it in Augmented Reality.