Creepy Halloween Instagram Horror Face Masks

Today I want to share with you some of the scary horror Instagram filters for Halloween that I made in the past year. I wanted to make cool-looking and spooky face effects and of course, the best time to take advantage of them is in Halloween.

The focus was on creating high-quality Instagram camera effects the look organic and resemble natural elements. Of course, I didn’t limit myself to just that and in this post, I’ll share some of those horror Halloween Instagram filters with you.

All of those filters can be used alongside your already made Halloween costume clothing or just as it is when recording a video or taking a picture to share with friends and family.

How to use my spooky Halloween face masks?

To use those filters, you need to visit my @wowfilterscom Instagram channel using the Instagram app and visit the filters tab.

The first set of filters are made to look very organic. I called them Lava Face. They give your face a horrific look for a demonic-looking creature with the face made of lava.

Horror Halloween Instagram face masks
Creepy-looking Instagram face masks for Halloween

This Halloween is going to be amazing, and I’m sure many kids and adults alike will be using Snapchat lenses, Facebook and Instagram AR face masks to share photos and videos of themselves in creepy-looking form.

The unnatural plays a significant role in many of the Halloween filters that I’ve seen. However, some of the camera effects aren’t necessarily of scary things, some made some cute face masks as well.

The next set of filters are one that is called “Halloween Makeup”. I was inspired by the Joker face mask from the movie Batman. It looks more like makeup than a physical mask. A makeup that got dry and has cracks. It’s dark and not white but still features that horrific-looking lipstick smear that the Joker had. I also distorted it a bit to make your face appear scary, even if you are laughing LOL.

Creepy Halloween makeup
Creepy Halloween makeup that resembles a Joker’s face, but with a dark tone to it.

The second one (right image) is one that distorts your face in a way that it seems like there is something inside your head – quite horrific. Just make sure you don’t give your parents a heart attack when sharing a video of yourself with it.

Another filter that I made today has many figures and elements that you can find in many popular Halloween face masks and makeup ideas. This includes a frog with a witch hat, Dracula’s teeth, scary ghosts, spider web and a spider, flying bats, cats, Halloween pumpkin and other evil-looking creatures.

Halloween drawings on your face, Instagram filters
Halloween drawings on your face using Spark AR Instagram filters.

I also made a cute Halloween-themed lipstick. I think it’s among the first ones in the filter. To switch between the various effects, just tap on the screen. There are quite a few there.

There are plenty more. Here is a video showing some of the Instagram Augmented Reality face masks that I’ve created for Halloween 2019 but of course you can use it in 2020, 2021 or any other preceding Halloween holiday.

So head on to @wowfilterscom on Instagram and check out all of the Halloween filters. There are around 60 IG effects in total that you can try, which aren’t related to Halloween, but they are still super fun to use, including amazing AR games – Happy Halloween!