Soccer Head Game Update – Ball Resize Feature in Practice Mode

Yesterday the new update for Soccer Head Game Instagram filter was approved by Facebook. You can now have an option to resize the ball in ‘Practice mode’.

To resize the ball, all you need to do is use pinch gesture in or out to resize it. You can choose any side you like. You can make the soccer ball very large or tiny. I didn’t put any size restriction, so you can go crazy with it. Just keep in mind that this Instagram filter works with your face, so your face should be detectable. If you go too far from the camera, it might not recognize your face.

If you make it too small or you just want to return the soccer ball to its original size, just go to a different mode, which will reset the ball size.

Today I went outside to try out Soccer Head IG filter game with a large size ball. Here is a gameplay video of me enlarging the ball to different sizes and try bouncing the ball on my head as much as I can.

As you can see, it can produce really cool videos, aside from the fact that it’s super fun to play. Give it to your kids or try it yourself. The practice mode is good for kids because it’s not very challenging, with less gravity pull so it’s easy to bounce the ball on the head several times straight, even if you are not Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi if you get my drift.

To get this game, check out my Instagram profile, follow me and visit my filter’s tab.

Have fun playing the game!