Fortnite-inspired moving bush Instagram Filter (unofficial)

A few days ago I’ve decided to create a cool filter that shows a walking bush. This is inspired by the walking bush from the battle royale videogame¬†Fortnite.

If you played Forotnite, you know that there is a ‘Bush’ legendary item which you can use to hide. When you move, other players can see a bush moving and can spot you. They can only see your legs and part of your weapon.

How to use the ‘Bush’ Instagram filter?

Point the device to where you want the bush to appear, towards a flat surface (e.g. floor, grass). Then launch the filter.

You can pan on the screen to relocate the bush 3d model, and pinch the screen to resize it. Then tap on the screen to start the walking animation. The bush then will be animated to random locations in around 1.5-meter radius or so.

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial non-branded filter and not affiliated or endorsed by Fortnite or its developer Epic Games in any way. I hope you enjoy it, it’s a funny filter.