Soccer Head Instagram filter game

Soccer Head Instagram Filter – Ball Juggling Game

Soccer Head is my latest Instagram filter. As its name suggests, it’s a soccer ball head juggling filter game that features four different experiences in one.

As you know me by now, I love making interactive content, especially games. The two first game modes are exactly that. I call this ‘Standard mode’. In this mode, your goal is to try to bounce the ball on your head as many times as possible without letting it fall. The second mode is the same as the first one, but I added a cool visual feature that makes the ball change colors each time it touches your head.

This is a fun game with not that realistic gravity because I wanted users to enjoy this type of soccer ball head juggling activity, which they might not be able to do in real life. I want the experience to feel physical and realistic and making sure that the ball will feel very much a part of the real world you are playing.

As you can see, even if you rotate the device, the ball seems to be at the same original place in the 3d real-world space. This means that even if the ball gets out of the screen boundaries, you still have the option to rotate the device to an area which is expected to land and use your head to hit it in an angle to straight it up. This way, you can continue bouncing the ball and not be limited to staying in one place.

Having said that, I do recommend trying to put the mobile device on a stable surface and play the game (or the other modes) while focusing solely on hitting the ball with your head. It just feels more authentic like that compared to holding the phone in your hands. Playing ‘Soccer Head’ hands-free is sp much fun. Don’t worry about the ball, it will fall on your head no matter where you are located in the world space. You can even get a few meters from the camera. As long as the Instagram app detects your face, this will work perfectly.

The other two modes are ‘Practice’ and ‘Simulation’. With the Soccer head practice mode, I wanted to give users the option to bump the ball with less gravity, so the ball with each hit will stay longer in the air. I also want little kids to be able to play it as well with less demanding accuracy and reaction time compared to the other modes that this IG filter offers.

The last mode is ‘Simulation’. It’s a more realistic soccer head-juggling experience with stronger gravity and more prominent force values. This means that if you move your head up fast, that force will hit the ball so it will move higher upwards. Using a head-flicking movement is necessary to keep the ball above your head and not letting it hit the ground.

There are more modes to come, maybe inside a second app or maybe I’ll add them in the same filter.

I hope you enjoy this Headbutting Instagram filter. It might even help you up to your soccer head-dribbling skills.

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