The Old Tree Instagram filter

The Old Tree – a Theatrical Instagram Face Filter

I’ve created the Instagram filter ‘The Old Tree, a Filter Tale‘. This Instagram filter is kind of a theater in a filter. The goal was to create a micro-storytelling experience and let IG users act and create responses videos based on the story.

The story tells a legend of a magical tree deep in the Black Forest. No one has actually seen it, until now. It is said that this Old Tree can make all one’s wishes come true.

My goal was to put the Instagram users as the tree itself using augmented reality face filters (developed using Spark AR) and make them record their own reactions to people’s wishes. It eventually can be their wishes or just one that they imagine.

The act can be anything, comical, sad, exciting, whatever the user wants to respond to that particular wish. I want users to be able to use that story and acting the part to come out of their comfort zone and get crazy with their responses, tell jokes, laugh and have a great time sharing their act on Instagram as videos.

Here is an example of me recording my reaction of a carpenter who asked me that his wish is to have a big wooden house.

If you record a video using ‘The Old Tree, a Filter Tale’ filter, make sure you use the hashtag #TheOldTreeFilter, so other people can easily found related videos.

I use Spark AR Studio in order to create a unique 3D atmosphere and to transform the user’s face into that 3d tree. I carefully picked up sound effect, music and compose the scene and the character in a way that it will produce a world that people will want to be a part in. Even if it’s only for a short duration of recording themselves using the filter.

How to get the filter ‘The Old Tree, a Filter Tale”? – Follow me on Instagram and/or check my filter tab.