Hungry Frog Instagram Filter Game – How to get it?

Hungry Frog‘ is my latest Instagram filter game created using Facebook’s Spark AR Studio software. It’s a casual mobile game that requires the Instagram app to use (available for iOS and Android).

In this game, you play as a frog. In fact, you are the frog. A mask of a frog will be placed on part of your face. Your goal is to open your mouth and try to eat as many insects as possible.  If you miss, you lose one life. You have 5 lives in total, so try to get the highest score as possible while getting one point for each catch.

Here is a gameplay video that I took today outside.

I also added some cool sound effects to make it more atmospheric and make you feel like a little Froggie for a change.

I love making Augmented Reality games as Instagram filters. To play it, follow me on Instagram and you’ll have all my filters available in your filter drawer. Have fun.