Hijab Try On

Wearable Virtual Hijab AR Fashion Filter

I remember enjoying using Try-on filters so much. After learning some of the basics of Spark AR Studio in the past weeks, I was ready to make the first step forward and make some of my more useful and interesting ideas that I had.

That new Instagram filter is ‘Hijab Try On’. A filter that allows everyone to try on a 3D virtual Hijab.

I wanted that experience to be close to tangible. I used a panning hand gesture to allow resizing and moving of the Hijab on the screen. Users can just swipe on the screen with a single finger to precisely control how the Hijab fits around their head. Because I used 3d models of the veils and used good lighting for a realistic look, when I resized the 3d model, it looks like I was stretching a real fabric.

I am very excited about product virtualization technologies and it’s amazing knowing that we can actually try on different products without needing to go to the store for it. This is especially useful in the clothing and accessory industry. People can try on different products like hats, shoes, jewelry, glasses, etc, using augmented reality.

Spark AR Studio, the software I used to make the ‘Hijab Try On’ filter already supports face recognition out-of-the-box. There are plenty of ideas that I have in mind, but I start with those whom I know I can finish in a relatively short time. I already developed 13 filters in total and that’s in just a single month.

I am having a blast making Instagram/Facebook filters and can’t wait to make more.

I need to use Blender, apply mathematical formulas, learn about proper lighting, UV mapping, 3d modeling and other topics that I knew very little about. The good thing is that we have the Internet and I was able to quickly locate information, learn how to use and implement the features that I wanted.

I have many more ideas on the way, and I am gaining the needed knowledge to be able to make them.

If you haven’t tried my virtual Hijab wearable augmented reality experience, just follow me on Instagram (@wowfilterscom) and check it out.