flying face mask

Flying Face Mask Instagram Game is Amazing

Flying Face is an Instagram Flappy Birds style game or as some refer to it as Flying Face Mask. Well, it isn’t actually a mask but many refer to those Spark AR created filters as masks and that’s why it is also referred by some as an Instagram mask, rather than just a game or a filter. Keep in mind that this game wasn’t developed by the original developer of Flappy Bird. It’s NOT an official Flappy Bird Instagram filter.

Flying Face mask is a phenomenal AR mobile game developed using Spark AR Studio. The game plays similar to the original Flappy Bird game. I’ve already tried out a similar Flappy Bird style game in augmented reality for iOS. However, one of the cool things about Flying Face mask is that you control the bird characters using blinking. Yes, you heard it right, no tapping on the screen, no controllers, just your face as a controller!

That’s one of the unique things that make AR selfie games stand out from the rest, you use face gestures instead of using standard hand gestures or a controller to control the character in the game.

Flying Face mask doesn’t happen on your face though. In some way, I think that it would be amazing if the game would have played on the face itself. At least having the option to change from standard view like it is now and have the option for the game to played on the skin of your face. I just imagined it in my had and it was so much fun.

The thing is with Flappy Bird game is that the character, the bird, moves in a relatively small position on the screen. So essentially, this game can be played on the face because the character will, most of the time will be restricted to a relatively small portion of the face. For example, we can make it just play around the nose and cheek area.

Maybe this will be implemented in version two of Flying Face Instagram mask.

Overall, super fun game and I’m sure we’ll see some more artistic iterations of the same gameplay but with different visual implementations.

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