How to Unlock and Play Flying Face

How to Unlock and Play Dvoshansky’s ‘Flying Face’ on Android & iOS?

If you are among those who want to play Dvoshansky’s latest filter ‘Flying Face’ Instagram game, I made a video just for you. In this video, you can see how you can unlock, use and play this Flappy Bird-inspired game on your iOS and Android device.

Here is the video that shows you step-by-step instructions on how to make IG ‘Flying Face’ available in your Instagram filter list on the Instagram app.

I hope that you find it useful, if it wasn’t clear, here are some textual instructions to help you further.

  1. Visit page on your browser or search for the profile on your iOS or Android Instagram app. If you search on the Instagram app, search under ‘Accounts’
  2. Tap the blue ‘Follow’ button to follow dvoshansky
  3. Next, tap the ‘Home’ icon in the footer
  4. Tap the ‘Camera’ icon at the top-left corner
  5. Tap the smiley icon on the bottom-right corner (filters icon)
  6. The filter drawer appears, search forĀ  this icon and tap it
    Flying Bird filter icon
  7. Play alone or with a friend and have fun!

That’s it, I hope you enjoy this amazing filter by dvoshansky.