WiFi signal strength app in augmented reality

WiFi Signal Strength Mapping Android Apps in Augmented Reality

Today I went out to check two WiFi signal strength mapping Android apps, both uses augmented reality (AR) technology for creating a unique heatmap visualization in AR. Both app, WiFi ARCore (WiFi AR) and AR Sensor display data points in the real world as the user moves in the real world space. Each one of these data points identifies a WiFi strength detection for a specific physical location in the real world.

AR Sensor is actually more advanced and allows users to also measure sound level, Bluetooth signal, magnetic fields, LTE signal strength, WiFi strength, and barometric pressure altogether. However, I used it in my review just to measure the WiFi strength of my home router when I was outdoors.

I personally preferred the first Android AR app, WiFi ARCore, because it has really clear and easy to understand visualization presentation compared to the second one which only showed 3D colored spheres, which I also find entertaining as 3D painting in the real world space (LOL).

These apps are very useful for people who want to see where are the lowest WiFi reception in their home and maybe use WiFi range extenders to boost the signal strength so it can reach other parts of the house. For example, if the WiFi is in the second floor and you want it to reach the basement or maybe in another remote location in a big house, you can use this app to help you see which is the best place to connect the Wifi range extender.

WiFi Signal strength heatmap in augmented reality

For example, when I was in an AirBnB house in Portugal, I use it to find the best place to put the extender so I can get boost the signal strength and get good WiFi signal in the room where Iw as at, so I can work with my laptop without having a very slow internet download speeds and enjoy higher bandwidth.

It’s also useful if you are buying a single router and want to make sure that all of the rooms enjoy a good signal strength in the house, using this app can allow you to position the router in a certain location and meter the signal strength at different location points. Using your measurements, you can decide which place is the optimal one to connect the router, or maybe you’ll need to use an extender to make sure other parts of the house are covered

It’s definitely more convenient to use a Wi-Fi signal strength mapping application using AR than a regular mobile app because in AR you can see it as per location and the visual presentation of the signal strengths persist in the real world. It’s like having a WiFi signal strength vision!

These two Wi-Fi signal strength meter AR apps are not the only one, and I am going to check out more, even for iOS and see which one I prefer best and make a video review about those as well.

Those two Wi-Fi signal strength detection apps are free on Google Play, so check both of them out and see which one you like best.

The first one is WiFi ARcore by Wi-Fi Solutions and the second one is AR Sensor by Ken Kawamoto. Have fun.