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AR UX Design: Two Coloring Apps – Which design approach is better?

In the following video, I compare two augmented reality coloring mobile apps for children in terms of the AR user experience (UX) for mobile AR and try to bring up some of the pros and cons of each one and see which one is designed better considering the demographic which these apps were designed for.

I’ve tried other coloring apps in the past like Game of Colors and others, and you can see that each app takes a slightly different approach to AR design. Some offer a standard 3D alternative, others use AR only for previewing the final artwork, others allow only AR editing, etc.

Some designs work better than others, but in general, it’s good to have different options that allow you to use the app in conditions that are not optimal for AR or when your hands are tired and you want to switch to another mode to continue working. It’s also important to allow users to save and resume the coloring for a later time and use AR in a compelling way that will encourage users to engage the app using this medium rather than prefer the standard mobile view mode, where of course there are hundreds if not more coloring apps for both iOS and Android.

If you think about how children use coloring books, you can clearly see that the well familiar way is to use the phone or tablet like a paper in a book. This how Stayhealthy designed their app, Color Quest: An ARt Adventure. kind of a safe route, but good focus on accessibility. The app wasn’t designed as a core AR experience, but AR is used as a complementary feature to the 2D coloring, to enhance the experience, making it more playful and exciting for users.

ARtist: Color Book Painting takes the two-modes approach, offering users to paint on the 3D model in either standard mode or in augmented reality mode.

Whatever path you choose, make sure you give options to users, to make sure to reach a wider audience, improve retention and make AR accessible for those trying it for the first time and considering the age group which the app is designed for – Good luck!