Mars Lander ARCore Game

Mars Lander Arcade ARCore Android Game (Video)

I just uploaded a new video of me testing our Capsule Commander AR. An ARCore Augmented Reality game for Android. The main reason I was interested in playing this game is that I previously tried a similar mini-game, part of the app called Hello Mars AR app and liked the Mars lander mini-game in it.

In my review, I bring up some footage of me playing Hello Mars but of course, the main focus is on the game Capsule Commander AR. I just wanted to compare the two apps so you can see why eventually I preferred playing Hello Mars AR instead of Capsule Commander AR, but CCA does have good things going out for it, but also some bad ones as well.

Seeing when the last time the app was updated, which is on March 8, 2018, I don’t think we are going to see new updates for it, but I’ll try to be optimistic. I like the gameplay idea, but definitely, there are many things that need to be improved and fixed to make this app more attractive.

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