Wanna Kicks shoes Try-On Camera

Wanna Kicks – Sneakers Shoes try-on AR Camera App for iOS

Today I downloaded and tried Wanna Kicks, a sneakers shoes try-on augmented reality app for iOS. It allows you to try-on different sneakers in different colors. You can observe how it looks on your own feet. These are virtual sneakers of course, but the app utilized computer vision algorithms in order to detect and track your feet movement.

The tracking feature allows the developer to position the virtual shoe on the leg with the proper size, orientation, and location. The shoe placement simulation is very convincing, although glitchy at times, still works better than the other AR Shoe app that I reviewed before.

Check out my review of Wanna Kicks and if you have an iPhone or iPad device compatible with this app, download it now free and try it out for yourself.

This app showcase the advantages of combining the advantages of Computer Vision algorithms with Augmented Reality to deliver compelling and useful production visualization experiences that many of us can benefit from when shopping online.

Download Wanna Kicks from the app store here. Enjoy.