Flippy Friends

Flippy Friends – Multiplayer AR Color Matching Game

Flippy Friends AR Multiplayer is a new single-player & Multiplayer augmented reality arcade game. The game was developed by Beresnev Games (Oleg Beresnev) using ARKit 2.0 for iOS (iPhone/iPad). This game requires an ARKit-enabled iPhone or iPad running iOS 11.0 or later.

Flippy Friend AR Multiplayer felt like a mixture of a 3-color matching mobile game and gameplay mechanics borrowed from Flippy Knife. Leg Beresesnev is the same developer behind the popular Flippy Knife game (“App Store Best of 2017”). I assume the goal was to create a game that combines the addicting gameplay controls of both color-matching games and Flippy Knife and bring it all together nicely alongside with a multiplayer augmented reality gameplay experience.

I tried the single-player mode, but I have no doubt that the most entertaining aspect of this game resides in the local multiplayer game mode, where you can compete against up to 4 friends together in a fast-paced chaotic multiplayer action AR gameplay experience.

Here are some of the official screenshots from the press release.

It also explains why the Flippy Knife gameplay mechanic was used, but keep in mind that this game is much more forgiving in terms of how the character lands on the fruit (As far as I remember when I played flippy Knife). The idea here is to charge your super ability by landing on the same type of fruit (E.g. apple, kiwi, watermelon, orange, etc) three times in a row. Then you can use your special ability, which eliminates all fruits in a large radius. The size of that blast radius depends on how much you invest in this ability, which you can upgrade using gems and coins.

The goal of the game in the single-player game mode is to finish each level by landing on the fruits that each level requires. It can be like 5 bananas, 10 watermelons and 5 kiwis for example. If a fruit is missing and cannot be found, you probably need to make a combo and get of many fruits in the level so the game will drop more into the level. You can actually miss a fruit, land out of bounds or land incorrectly. There is a time limit in each level, so you need to hurry up and smash those fruits correctly or else you lose and need to restart the level from the beginning.

Flippy Friends AR Multiplayer is a beautiful game, colorful and vibrant with cool sound effects and lovely sparkling and cheerful music. Each character feels different from the other and has its own unique jumpstyle with accompanying sound effects that match its persona (kind of).

Here is a review that I did about Flippy Friends playing the single-player game mode.

Until I make a review of the multiplayer game mode, here is a video that was made by Beresnev Games.

It’s great to see Beresnev Games focusing on an iOS mobile game that was designed from the ground up for augmented reality, with the main focus on multiplayer, kudos for that!

Can’t wait to play more of this game and unlock all those amazing looking characters and of course, try out the what looks like a very entertaining multiplayer game mode. More coming soon, so stay tuned!

Download the game free from the App Store here.