RC Helicopter AR Review

RC Helicopter AR Review (Android)

RC Helicopter AR is a simulation game where users get to fly various types of helicopters, including a quadcopter drone in augmented reality.


The game features a free-flight mode where you can just fly the heli and use the ‘X’ button to shoot (no targets though). The second option is Game Mode where you can play 3 different mini-games (dubbed “missions”). The first one is Point-to-Point, where you need to pass through floating rings. The second is Cargo-Transport, in which you need to pick up containers and drop them in a certain location. The third one is Fire-Fighting, in which you need to use your helicopter to spray water and put out all the fire in the woods.

The mini-games are fun and add extra value to what could have been just a boring flight simulation that its experience wouldn’t last too long.

Some of the helicopters are locked and you can unlock them using in-game currency coins.

Controls, Gameplay & AR Experience

The controls felt good but a bit uncomfortable and inaccurate as I would probably prefer them to be. On the other hand, it gives you a more realistic feeling of how it is like flying an RC helicopter and it makes the missions mini-games more challenging and fun.

Players can maneuver the helicopter up, down, forward, background and of course right and left. Quite a few controls, but I was able to get used to it pretty quickly without any issues.

In terms of AR experience, the game was very jittery in some parts, especially in the point-to-point mini-game. I was actually playing in a well-lit environment with lots of textures on the ground, so I wonder why the tracking was performing so badly.


Overall it’s a fun simulation experience and one of the more entertaining ones due to the mini-games (“Missions”).

I’ve already tried a similar app called Dronetropolis AR (iOS) and that drone flight simulator app (ARKit) was more advanced, felt more steady with more accurate physics and tons of options to play around with. You also have that mini-game where you can fly through hoops (opaque and large as it should be).

So RC Helicopter AR brings something a bit different, it feels less realistic due to the low-poly visuals, the physics aren’t perfected, and there is some polishing in the mini-games that need to improve the overall experience.

That being said, I enjoy this experience and do hope that the developer will bring some flight shooting action mini-game in a future update, this can be so cool. Download it and have fun.