Jenga AR Review

Jenga AR – Game Review (Android)

In this review will take a closer look at a Jenga augmented reality game called not surprisingly, Jenga AR. This Android app was developed by Free Range Games.


If you follow my blog, you know that I’ve played many other Jenga-style augmented reality games before, including Wobbly Stack AR, AR Tower, Blocks Tower AR, AR Block Party, and a few others (some of them I tried but didn’t review).

It’s worth mentioning that not all of those Jenga-style games carried the same rules, but the core gameplay was the same, trying to remove blocks without getting it to collapse.

AR-Tower was one of my favorite ones because of its large-scale, accurate controls and colorful visuals. Wobbly Stack AR was also quite fun, but the controls felt a bit awkward. AR Block Party had really cute visuals and animations but the controls felt awkward as well.

A New Jenga AR Game

Keng AR brought something refreshing to the genre, including sleek visuals, single-player and 2-5 players Pass n’Play game modes and different cool game modes that make the game even more challenging and exciting than ever before.  You can play the game on the table or in a larger size outdoors or on the floor.

There is also the ability to rotate the platform for easy access to different facets without walking around, increase the game’s height to make it more comfortable to play it while seated, which is a very welcomed feature.

Gameplay Controls

The gameplay controls felt comfortable and intuitive in my opinion. Maybe the should be tuned a bit to reduce the fraction drift a bit so I won’t need to pull out the phone too much and lose visual tracking of the game area.

In fact, the controls reminded me of another game called PuzzlAR, having a hand handle which you use to grab and move items around.

When you play this game and fail, you can only blame yourself, because the controls are very precise and the block physics are so accurate, that if you made a mistake, it’s because you didn’t pay enough attention to how the blocks are balanced. In some other Jenga AR games that I’ve played, the controls where not that accurate and in some of them it was hard to judge the distance of the hande from the blocks, the physics where bad or controls just felt inaccurate.  This is why I love playing Jenga AR so much, because I felt complete in control, like playing the physical equivalent game.

The other cool thing is that you can some crazy game modes that you just don’t get to play with the physical Jenga game equivalent, and why you want to play it digitally and even better, in augmented reality.


Overall, I had fun playing Jenga AR and I definitely plan to keep it installed on my device. It’s the type of casual AR games that it’s nice to have on your device to play and kill some time. It’s also a fun game to play with friends because it’s easy to understand and challenging at the same time.

There are different game modes, so if you are getting bored with one you can switch and try another one. The game saves your highest score (total rows built), which encourage players playing alone to try to break their own high score in different game modes.

The visuals are good, the AR worked very well and you have some AR adjustment to make it easy to set up the game to your liking. This means you can play it seated or in standing position as well.

I personally wish there was a way to play against real players from all around the world and see how the move the pieces in real time, can be really cool.

Just so you know, there are plenty of Jenga AR games for Android out there, but this one is among the better ones that I’ve played.

The game is available for free on Google Play, I recommend checking it out.