Dark ghost octa-goggles, Ghostbusters World

Ghostbusters World – Ecto-Goggles, Light & Dark Ghosts

Today I went out to play Ghostbusters World AR game at night in order to understand how to use the Ecto-Goggles item for the first time. To make this item work, you need to obtain ecto-goggle batteries. I actually got one I think from either completing a mission or a dimensional door, not sure.

ecto-goggles active
Ecto-goggles active, a timer appears at the top right side of the screen.

Anyways, I needed to see what they do. I read about it and found out that you can use these ecto-goggles to locate ghosts of Light and Dark element type. I’ve been playing Ghostbusters World or many hours now, and I only got 1 “Dark” element ghost, which honestly I can’t remember how I got it, but I don’t think it was with the goggles, because don’t remember using it before.

Legendary Living Armor Light element-type
Legendary Living Armor, Light element-type

Once I put on the battery and activated it, I got like 30 minutes (can’t remember the exact time) to locate dark and light element ghosts. The good news is that once you activate the ecto-goggles, it’s really not hard to locate them, they just start popping out around your immediate area. They are easy to distinguish due to their colors.

Furthermore, once this unique detection mode is activated, the map will become more blue-ish than before, so you know you are currently in ecto-goggles mode. You can see a countdown timer at the top right corner and your character’s avatar will have goggles on his or her face and have a device in the hand. So you can’t miss not knowing that you are playing in that specific mode.

I was able to capture plenty of new ghosts this way, both “Light” and “Dark” element ones. I was able to capture a Legendary ghost called “Living Armor” of “Light” element type, and two Heroic-rarity type ghosts of “Dark” element type: Skin Walker and Will-o’-the-Wisp.

Tips for using the Ecto-Goggles

It’s important to make sure you have enough available space in your containment unit. It takes time to free up space, so don’t waste time on that, do this before you activate the ecto-goggles.

Dark-type Will-o-the-Wisp ghost, Ghostbusters World
Dark-type Will-o-the-Wisp ghost, Ghostbusters World

I also used my advanced traps instead of the standard ones, because I didn’t want to waste time on ghosts escaping my trap. A Master trap is much more expensive, so use it only if you encounter a very rare ghost (you can always switch quickly).

Try hunting similar ghosts, because this increases the chance of getting a light or dark ghost of a higher rarity. You also have limited time, so try to make the best of it and capture as many dark and light ghosts as you can.

Use your powerful secondary weapon to quickly reduce the health of light and dark ghosts if you see they are hard to beat. This will save time and allow you to capture the ghosts quickly.

I also use two-finger on screen during battles, so I can quickly counter the ghost attack and slam it. In fact, when I put the ghost above the trap, I quickly tap on the screen with the second finger while I shake the phone to initiate a “slam” move, which increases the chance that I won’t miss the slam and the ghost will get stunned while it’s inside the trap. IT also get that extra damage, which reduces the ghost’s health and increases the chance of successful capture.

Another important tip. I got to Level 20 today. At level 20 you unlock the Master trap. It takes 16 hours to make 5 master traps, so make sure you visit the dimensional doors often because they drop master traps very often. Almost every dimensional door that I’ve visited after making my way home awarded me with a master trap.

I missed a few rare ghosts today because I was still at a lower level, without master traps. Now that I have a master trap, I increase the chance of capturing those rare ghosts.

You can buy ecto-goggles batteries from the store. It isn’t cheap, but I played many hours and I only got one, I think by completing a mission. Of course, this is not enough if you want to farm for “Light” and “Dark” element ghosts, so I guess I will need to buy more from the store sooner or later.

As always, stay safe out there and good luck hunting ghosts!