Tactical CQC Mixed Reality FPS game

Tactical CQC Mixed Reality Game Idea for the Magic Leap One

This game idea inspired by close quarters tactical training sessions, one that takes place in a room or several rooms. You play as a special forces agent who needs to save infiltrate a building, kill all enemies and save a hostage. Imagine a very simplistic version of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege played by one or more players with the action taking place in your own home.

The game should generate different types of situations, so every level is different and scaled in difficulty. Before you start the game, you scan all the rooms in the house. You tell the game wherre the entrance and the game automatically generates the level. You have no idea where the hostage is kept and where the enemis are. You are asked to stay outside the house behind the door and then when given the cue, you need to get inside the house and save the hostage.

Of course the more room and floors you scan, the more immersive and fun the game gets. Now, there obviously should be different types of enemies, equipped with different type of weapons. Some of them will hide in certain areas, like crouching behind the sofa, so you won’t be able to see them when you get in, and they can surprise you.

Although I think of this as a first-person shooter game, this can be used in real training, but let’s just focus on this as a mixed reality first-person shooter game for the Magic Leap One.

This type of first-person shooter will be played with the 6DoF Controller, with a visual extender to make the Control look like a gun.  The main caveat for a game like this is that it requires pre-scan of the entire gameplay area that you want the action to take place in, and as I mentioned, the larger the place, the better the experience. By saying better, I mean have more complex tactical situations, be able to hide the hostage in another room, better when playing with several people in the same environment, more areas that the enemy can hide and surprise you, etc.

This is a fantastic party game where people will enjoy playing with friends. It can be so fun and addictive and although it’s not developed yet for the Magic Leap One, I already simulated it in my head and it’s should be so much fun. Again, make sure you scan all those corners and the game should generate really cool scenarios.

Now, I was thinking of having a hostage situation as the goal for each level, but you can go crazy with this of course, like needing to disassemble a bomb. You might even have several hostages in different places, depends on the house you are playing.

Of course, we are going to have different types of weapons, some need to be unlocked as you progress, reloading, etc.

This is just an initial draft of the idea. If you are developing a game for the Magic Leap One, I think this type of game can be huge.

If you are developing such a game, contact me on twitter and I can help out with cool ideas to make such a game really amazing.

This game is great for mixed reality and for the Magic Leap One capabilities in my opinion. When the headset price gets down, this type of game can help sell Magic Leap headsets like cupcakes, but it has to be really polished with great content, progression, smart procedurally generated tactical levels and more. Contact me if you need help in designing this game. Good luck!