Noizz App – Music Cam, AR Stickers & Video Editor

Yesterday I found out about an app called Noizz after Tom Emrich twitted about it (Thanks Tom!). This turns out ro be one of the most impressive shott video editing tool I’ve tried to date.

Sometimes I like using a video editing tool to enhance the augmented reality footage that I capture, adding more creative touch to them and personalize them the way I want. It gives the video a new look and feels, a unique cool twist that makes the video more attractive and entertaining to watch overall.

Users are able to choose between editing current footage and applying effects and music to it, shoot first using the phone’s camera and then edit the footage or select a music that runs in the background alongside downloadable selfie stickers that stick to your face (similar to Snapchat). When ready, you can start recording the clip or take a picture. You can also choose which camera to shoot with (forward or rear), choose the speed of recording, apply a beautify effect or user the timer to trigger the recording after 0/3/6 seconds.

One other thing great about Noizz is that it has a social content sharing platform built-in right into the app. This allows users to discover other user’s creations, like, comment and share it on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter or any other social network that interfaces with the app.  You can also save the video or image locally to your device if you desire for further editing using other 3rd party apps or for manually sharing it yourself. There is a little “Noizz” watermark added to the video at the bottom right side.

Of course, you can use this app to make videos not related to augmented reality. After all, my augmented reality videos is just a video that I’ve recorded, but mixing those effects with AR can yield very impressive results.

Here are two videos that I made and shared on my Twitter. It took me just a few minutes to make each one, super simple, great results.

And this one.

I didn’t find any web version of the social media browser, which would be nice, you know, having something similar to Instagram, so the content can be discoverable on the web as well and have all the commenting like and sharing functionality there.

when sharing content, you have the option to share web link, which opens up the website and shows the video, but as of the time of writing, there is only option to share the video and nothing more.

The video editor is really cool. It so simple to use. You can choose a video to edit or import group of photos. Then you can add cool visual effects (e.g. RGB, Tunnel, Flick, Wave, Burr), Text Effects (called T-effect), Graffiti effects (inc sound effects) and Background Music. If you add music, you can choose the balance between the recorded and the background music. when finished, you can add a description and tags up to 90 character length in total.

You can also see your profile page where you can add change your avatar, see who likes, comment or follow you.

The best thing about Noizz is that it allows people with little or even no previous knowledge in video editing to create an amazing looking short clip or enhance their current ones. It’s really that simple and simplicity goes a long way when used properly in these type of apps.

You can download Noizz from the app store here, or the Android version from Google Play here.

Enjoy and have fun with it, and don’t forget to share your great enhanced augmented reality videos with me – Thanks!