Our reality is about to change

Our Reality is about to Change, Significantly

Looking at what AR technology as achieved in such little time, one can just wonder how amazing AR and MR technologies will take us in just a few years time.  To get to see how fascinating Augmented Reality (AR) technology is,  just head on to Instagram and search relevant tags like ARKit, ARCore, Augmented Reality and you can get a very good understanding of how innovative, creative, engaging and inspiring this technology is.

The best thing about AR is that seeing the virtual blending in our real world. It’s already happening now, our well-known reality starts shifting on us. We are used to seeing a regular view of the world, and suddenly things start changing, new creatures appear and talk to us, a virtual solar system spawns in our living room, a zombie runs after, a little dude shows us the way to a certain location, etc.

The appearing of new virtual things and virtual deformation of the environment in AR excited me and I wanted to learn more about it. Right now, I am experiencing AR using my iPad. Although the experience is exciting, with AR/MR glasses this would be even more exciting.  I can imagine, for example, instead of having a text notification like you normally have, you might see a message on the wall, or a character bringing you a gift as part of an AR game reward. This anticipation for something new that can appear every moment is an exciting feeling.

I enjoy seeing new things and interact with them. This comes from the same place of enjoying seeing new places, watching a new movie, tasting new food, etc. In a mixed reality world, things can change every moment. Suddenly the world that we knew and got used to is changing in front of us. it becomes much less obvious,  predictable and full of excitement and anticipation.

When I get up in the morning, I usually check out the phone’s notifications.  Although, just reading a text on the screen isn’t that of an exciting experience. When AR/MR glasses arrive, we’ll get to have those unique virtual “notification” that will make current mobile notifications a boring thing of the past. Unlike a mobile phone where you get a text notification, here any message can be realized in a completely new virtual manner with virtual content that can appear anywhere in the pre-scanned space where you are. You might see a bird delivering you a birthday message that someone sent you, or a virtual trainer waiting for you in the living room to remind you that it’s time to do some workout.

Right now we get only get a small taste what’s possible, but I have no doubt that there are some brilliant minds that are already planning the next big thing for Mixed Reality. It might be something that is way out of ones circle of knowledge.  This is why it’s important to, first of all, learn and experiment with current technologies as much as possible. Second, trying out those products that are still in alpha or beta testing, those products that are very likely to push the AR/MR future tech forward. Trying those products will expand your circle of knowledge, better allow you to think outside the box and reimagine experiences that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

For example, when you think about Mixed Reality glasses, the experience is no longer confined to a fixed-size rectangular screen area but to most or the entire user’s field of view.

Mixed Reality glasses will have the technology that could potentially turn our reality into a sci-fi experience. The developers will be the one responsible to architect that “Matrix” world and make us want to be a part of it and connect with it. If users prefer staying in the real world, this might signal the developer what something isn’t working well.

Users will be delighted to embody those new experiences and stop staring at screens. Looking a bit into the future, there is no palace for those typical screens in the future unless those screens are used, like in VR and MR, to deliver a seamless 360-degree (one that covers the user’s field of view). So in that aspect, you won’t feel that you are staring at a screen and the experience won’t be limited to a certain area in front of the user.

When a person downloads an MR experience, he or she will get that feeling that something around them is about to change. That feeling by itself is super exciting to oneself. When I looked at the Magic Leap headset, that exactly what I felt. Of course, to make those experience seamless as possible, advanced MR/AR technologies will have to be used. We’ve already seen some of those technologies like occlusion, multi-user experiences, and persistence making their way into current AR/MR platforms.  Tech experts are aiming to make sure that not too far into the future, the virtual content will be an essential and unseparated part of our daily lives.

For example, we’ll use the virtual as an important learning tool that we’ll continue to teach us about the world around us. AR/MR Apps will help us learn more about our surroundings, alert us of danger, guide us to locations, teach us how to operate things, help us to communicate better with each other, etc. Wherever it’s for work or pleasure, AR/MR will transform the way we communicate with the world. The virtual won’t be just something we see on a mobile phone or computer screen, it will become an essential part of our daily life more than ever before, no matter where we are. We won’t need to search hard for it, it will be there when we need it.

Now back to square one. Here we are, watching our these amazing technologies start forming the building blocks of that foreseen future. It happens steadily but fast and proficiently. Each that that passes by pushes us more towards that exciting future, but even then, there are plenty of exciting experiences that you can experience right now. This is why I opened this blog, to share my excitement about AR/MR and help people who were like me, with little or no understanding, to learn more about it and experience with it. Eventually, one day, one way or another, those technologies will have an effect on all our lives.