Draw2Play AR game

Draw2Play AR Game Preview (iOS)

Today I came across a very interesting AR game called Draw2Play AR. This is the first part-time project of ‘Advanced Draw Tech Limited’ developer.

In this, you need to protect the power plant from robots’ attacks. The game has two stations, one is the power plant that needs to keep operating to produce Energy which is an essential resource to help to create more units to operate the guns so you can shoot faster.

Draw2Play game screenshot

The cool things about the game are its controls. To create units you need to draw them by hand, yes by hand on the screen. To create a unit that operates the power plant, you need to draw a ship (two circles and four lines for legs) and to create soldiers, you draw a man with two circles for body and head and four lines for legs and hands). Once you finish the drawing, that unit will join the battlefield and animated.

This is an original and very interesting idea. It’s really fun and engaging drawing shapes and watching them come to life in the game. The game doesn’t generate a complex 3D model that corresponds to what you’ve drawn, but the actual drawing is the character itself.

Unfortunately, the game has some issues. For example, it crashes a lot, and from what I can see there are no levels. I found myself continue generating energy and shooting an endless number of enemies that keep coming back over and over again. There is a score at the top of the screen, but I don’t understand why, because there is no menu and no local or global leaderboard.

There is no opening screen or menu when the app crashed, it just loads the game where I left it, kind of a weird behavior for a game. You can clearly see that this is a very immature project, but still, one that holds a great promise and it’s very interesting game on the explanatory level.

I still recommend trying it out, although, at this point, I see no reason to continue playing until the developer change things so I know what’s going on. There is also no point reviewing it in its current state. I’ll keep an eye on further updates through and update you if anything changes.

You can download Draw2Play AR for iOS free from the App Store here.