Snake Attack for Merge Cube

Snake Attack for Merge Cube – Game Review (iOS)

Snake Attack was the first game I’ve played on my Merge Cube. I thought to myself that it’s not fair reviewing other games and not reviewing this one as well. So, in this post, I review Snake Attack, a free game for the Merge Cube.

What is Snake Attack?

Snake Attacks is a modern take on the classic “Snake” game which originated in the 1976 arcade game Blockade and found itself as a bundled game on Nokia mobile phones in 1998 and in many other platforms through the years.

Snake Attack Merge Cube game screenshot
Playing Snake Attack, I am quite large at this point, you see my tail sprawling into the neighbor facets of the cube.

In Snake Attack, the player needs to collect as many apples as possible. For each eaten apple, its length grows. It’s up to the player to carefully navigate the snake on open areas on the cube while avoiding entering closed areas and making sure the snake’s head doesn’t intersect with hits body. Each of the two will end the game.

Playing Snake game in AR with the Merge Cube
Playing Snake game in AR with the Merge Cube. Need to be careful not eating my own tail!

Furthermore, the more apples you eat, the faster the snake becomes. To move the snake, you have to position the cursor at the place where you want the snake to go to. The snake will automatically move to that location on the square grid.

Snake Attack high-score leaderboard
31 points, great, not sure that I am going to spend more time trying to break this record, oh well, me and Snaky had a good time together.

The game has several difficulty levels. In harder difficulties, the movement is more restricted and therefore harder to navigate. You’ll need to make very fast decisions. I found myself falling over and over again because I always ate my own tale.

Check out this gameplay video!

Quite annoying controls

I found the controls to be quite unintuitive. Aligning the cursor to the location on the cube just didn’t feel right. In fact, when I first played it, I thought I control the snake by rotating the cube, only to find out later than this is not the proper way to play the game.

It felt awkward trying to align the cube so the point where I want to go is aligned with the center of the screen where the cursor is. This isn’t the first Merge Cube game that I experienced this issue, Dig! was also like that. Not all games are like that, for example, Tiltball for Merge Cube is not like that. This is a gameplay design decision, which I personally not a big fan of.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the game is definitely playable and you can get used to the controls, but still, it feels unintuitive.


The graphics aren’t impressive either, just a purple grid, apples scattered on it and a semi-transparent cubic snake crawling on it. Honestly, I think that this game could have been much better with more realistic visuals with a rounded rendered surface instead of a cube one and a realistic looking worm character.

Of course, this is my personal preference, I just think the design isn’t interesting enough. I can understand that the developer might have wanted the game to look quite similar to the classic, if that’s so, I can understand that specific choice and I am fine with it. It’s not that I have any nostalgic memories of the original title, but those who do might like seeing the same old classic look for the game.

The same goes for the gameplay. There aren’t any new dynamics, other than the 3D surface borders and the cube rotation gameplay mechanic. However, in that respect, I think that adding new dynamics would just make the game something else, and could make it lose its nostalgic connection with the original that it tries to resemble with.


There was nothing specifically exciting for me playing Snake on the Merge Cube. This was the first game I’ve played on the Merge Cube and it certainly felt great the first time I’ve played it. However, I needed to experience more games, let the hype cool down and spend more time with other experiences in order to understand which games work best for it.

Snake might be a fun game for first Merge Cube players, but there isn’t anything exciting about it. After playing games and experienced like Tiltball, 57° North, Things, and Defused!, you see that there are some Merge Cube experiences that are much more interesting AR experiences than this unexciting Snake game, with all respect to the old school classic.

The game also felt very repetitive, but not in a good way.  Making sure to make large moves to prevent yourself from eating your tail felt unexciting and boring. If you miss the chance to eat an apple, you now need to make a big circle all over again which takes 30 seconds or so. It’s definitely not one of that gameplay idea which I classify as fun, let alone exciting.

The game is free and if you own the Merge Cube, you might want to give it a try. The thing is that there aren’t many Merge Cube apps out there, especially free ones, so no matter what I say, I still recommend download and trying each one and one of them and see if you enjoy them or not.

Download Snake Attack for free from the App Store here.