Marge Cube Unboxing

Merge Cube Unboxing Video and Playing my First Game

My Merge Cube has just arrived by mail a few minutes ago. I told myself, as an AR enthusiast, I can afford not trying this experience. I ordered it from Amazon and it finally arrived.

Merge cube brand new inside the nylon
Merge cube brand new inside the nylon, just opened it up – I am so excited!

I have to admit, the Marge Cube box looks amazing. I can’t remember the last time I felt excited opening a toy box, but it was many years ago.

Afte unboxing the Merge Cube, which was felt like a ritual by itself, I finally help this amazing cube in my hand. I didn’t even know that it’s made of rubbery spongy material. I thought it would be plastic. It’s definitely better like this because I can play for a longer period of time with less hand fatigue and it also won’t break if it accidentally falls on a hard surface. By the way, it’s not too soft, it still feels very solid.

Check out my Merge Cube unboxing video!

Since I first launched my blog, I had a chance to try out hundreds of iOS AR apps and games. This is why I am excited about trying out something a bit different for a change that is still related to the main subject of my blog, Augmented Reality. I don’t have a MergeVR headset though, so I will only be able to share with you the AR Mode using my iPad, not the Merge Mode which requires the headset.

After unboxing the Merge Cube, I needed to activate it using the activation code that comes inside the box. You can activate is using any Merge Cube app. I’ve downloaded a free app and installed it on my device. You can find the full activation step-by-step guide on After activating it, I was able to play my first Merge Cube augmented reality game, a Snake game.

This is important if you buy the Marge Cube, just know that the packaging doubles as a Cube Case and a Mobile Device Stand, so don’t throw it away.

The First Experience

The first experience is just out of this world, I mean WOW, this really impressed me. I expected it to be great, but you really don’t know how great it is until you tried it first hand. Having the option to feel and touch the virtual is an amazing feeling. Of course, the experiences are limited to the Merge cube design, but it actually opens up a room for really unique experiences.

The first game that I’ve played was a Snake game, so of  course, there are plenty of other Merge Cube apps and games to explore. If that simple Snake game felt good, I can’t wait to try the other apps.

Of course, this is the first time I used the Marge Cube, so the hype takes a bit over the rational thinking, like a kid opening up a shiny new toy. I intend to spend a lot of time with my little cube and check out many new AR apps.

So there you go, this is my first experience with Merge Cube and it was AMAZING, seriously, the experience is so unique, new and innovative, even with just trying a single game. That aside, how good the games and apps are, of course, I’ll need to spend more and review some of those apps to assess its content and entertainment value.

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