Zombie Annihilation Merge Cube

Operation: Zombie Annihilation for Merge Cube – Game Review (iOS)

Operation: Zombie Annihilation or as its App Store name “Zombie Annihilation Merge Cube” is a fast-paced arcade game for Merge Cube. In this game, the player needs to save his town from the zombie apocalypse. Just so you know, I’ve played the game in Phone mode, not with the MergeVR headset, using my iPad.


The goal of the game is simple, once the game starts, you need to prevent the zombies from taking down any of the four gates that reside on each side of the graveyard.

Low poly visuals
The game takes place only on one facet of the Merge Cube. At least this is what I experienced after finishing 9 levels. There isn’t any hint that leads me to expect that this is going to change in higher levels.

Each gate has a health bar, if that health bar reaches zero, it’s game over. There is no way to replay the last level, once you fail you need to restart from the beginning.

There is an exclamation mark above a gate that is currently being attacked by zombies.
There is an exclamation mark above a gate that is currently being attacked by zombies.

The zombies will spawn in four different corners of the graveyard and start moving towards the gates. The only way to stop them is to eliminate them.

You are equipped with timed dynamites which once they detonate this kill any zombie in their radius. That dynamite has approximately two seconds cooldown and it takes a few seconds to explode. You need to tap on the phone’s screen in the area in which you want to place a bomb. Once you do, you’ll see a flag, which shows where the dynamite will explode. I don’t understand why using a flag, a dynamite with a nice sparkling lit animation would be so much better.

The idea of a timed detonation is smart because it helps create a more strategic gameplay where the player needs to predict the zombie pathing and place the dynamite there. Placing the dynamite where they are might not eliminate them, as they are always on the move.

The game is designed with levels (Days) with increased difficulty. You have a limited amount of zombies to kill in each round. So you don’t need to wait for the zombies to reach the gate and then dynamite them out, make sure you set those dynamites where the zombies are grouped up, so you can kill many of them with just a few dynamites.

The game’s difficulty comes with the fact that the health of the gates does not reset. This means that if you have a weak gate, it’s better to pay close attention to it because it can be destroyed any moment.

Fun Factor

Two low health gates in Zombie Annihilation iOS game
As you progress, many of the gates will be on low-health, make sure you prioritize them based on their health.

Operation: Zombie Annihilation lacks many features that make a Merge Cube fun. First of all, the maximum level I was able to reach is 9. In all of those levels, all of those levels played on just one facet of the Merge Cube. The other side just had this section of soil cut background.

Second, there was no need to rotate the Merge Cube because you can place the dynamite easily by just holding the cube as it is for the entire gameplay.

I did rotate the cube a bit to be able to position the dynamite precisely on the board, but there wasn’t any need to rotate the cube to another facet.

Therefore the gameplay felt like it was played like a standard mobile game and honestly, the Merge Cube just interfere with the experience. So I just thought to myself, what’s the point of having this type of experience on the Merge Cube. I thought maybe at higher levels something changes, but I didn’t stay longer to try it out. I did go to the official website and the game’s page on the App Store to check some screenshots to see if I’m missing something, but nothing, just plain screenshots showing the same experience, even without showing the Merge Cube itself.

Now, this is for the game controls, but my disappointment doesn’t end there. The theme doesn’t change between levels. I mean, if you are not using all facets, at least make changes to the theme every few levels. Furthermore, the game has points, but there is no local or global leaderboard so what’s the point of having points in this game.

Rain effect in Zombie Annihilation Merge Cube game
I liked the spooky atmosphere and the rain effect.

Among the things that I did like is how the camera stream gradually darkens as the game starts. It helps create a spooky atmosphere which fits the theme of the game. I also liked the background for the other facets of the cube with the 3D skeletons underground. However, as I said, I would have preferred making those facets playable areas. I also liked the rain effect, which looks really nice because it comes from above the cube which gives the gameplay a more pleasing visual experience, as it’s not locked only to the Merge Cube’s surface itself.

I don’t want to even dive deep into all the things that are missing here, but generally speaking, I felt no sense of achievements, the game didn’t feel rewarding at all and there was nothing to look forward to.


Zombie Annihilation Merge Cube is a paid app, and for a paid app I expected much more in return. I am reviewing version 1.3 by the way, which was released on January 3, 2018.

The game turned out to a big disappointment.  It’s probably the least fun games that I’ve played on the Merge Cube so far. I love playing zombie games. I mean, just mention the word zombie and you got my interest.

What can I say, Ithe presentation start nicely, the first level was kind of fun, but as I played I saw that nothing changes, it’s just the same thing all over again. I just can’t recommend this game in its current stage, especially as a paid app. I’ll keep monitoring it to see if it receives any updates, but as its current version, you can safely skip it.

You can download the game from the App Store here.

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