RC Club free drive

RC Club – Free drive in a lush green park near a lake

Today I’ve decided to go casual with RC Club. I went to a nearby lush green park, took my iPad out and load RC Club app.  For those of you who don’t know what RC Club is, it’s a remote-controlled car simulator augmented reality app for iOS.

In my latest videos, I captured some footage of me doing some great stunts with the RC cars but today I’ve decided to just enjoy a more relaxing experience. Well, what’s better than going to a lush green area and release the car and just have fun driving it outdoors.

I’ve chosen the Monster Truck because I like its design and it looked great with the green grass and the blue lake. I can’t remember the last time I drove a real Remote-controlled (RC) car, but after playing around with RC Club and driving the car in a large open area, I kind of recalled the moment I tried it in real and how I enjoyed it.

OK, this is a video section so I won’t talk too much, here is the video, I hope you enjoy it.