AR fun with snapchat lenses

AR is more Fun with Snapchat Lenses!

I am having a lot of fun trying out different Snapchat AR Lenses. TO be honest, it just makes AR more fun because most of those lenses were designed to entertain and amuse.

The thing is that you can also be very creative with them yourself, and put those animated 3D objects in different places and create your own funny story.

This is just a video that I’ve recorded using Snapchat with the Turkey lens that came out yesterday for Christmas (I think it was yesterday).

If you love AR and love sharing funny moments with your friends, I highly recommend visiting your Snapchat app daily to find out what new lenses are available online and scan those barcodes to unlock more cool lenses.

I just wish there was an option to put more than one lens in the scene so I could be even more creative with the videos I make using Snapchat. Now once that Lens Studio is out, you are going to see a lot of new Lenses in the wild.