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Christmas Fun AR iOS App Review (ARKit)

It wasn’t my plan to write reviews on many iOS Christmas trees apps for iPhone and iPad, but some of them turned out to be really quite impressive. One of my favorite ones which definitely topped them all was Deck Your Halls. However, today I came across another great Christmas decoration Augmented Reality app called Christmas Fun AR.

Realistic looking virtual Christmas tree in Ar
Realistic looking virtual Christmas tree in Ar

Christmas Fun AR is a free app that allows users to create and decorate their virtual Christmas tree and place in real-world locations using the magic touch of augmented reality, Apple’s ARKit to be more specific.

Christmas Fun AR isn’t as impressive as Deck Your Halls, but it does something that Deck Your Halls and many other Christmas apps does not, it allowing users to deploy a realistic looking virtual Christmas tree. This is still a 3D model obviously, but when you watch it from a slight distance it looks very realistic.

The same goes for the decorations. They are places so naturally in between the tree’s branches and leaves.

Bright blue virtual 3D Christmas tree
I just couldn’t stop looking at the tree with those hypnotizing colors-it’s beautiful!

You get to have a nice selection of decorations, but there are plenty more hidden behind microtransactions. Some of those decorations are animated as well. You can also buy gift 3D models and place them on the floor near the tree and fill your room with Christmas holiday spirit.

You can also choose to change the color of the tree from its default natural dark green to other brighter and more vibrant colors.I personally would have liked to have a color picker and be able to choose the color myself rather than having default ones. That being said, it makes things less complicated and those colors that are available by default look absolutely stunning.

You can also move, resize and rotate the tree to make it fit perfectly fit any area in your house. The movement of the tree feels smooth and it’s actually fun being able to moe a large tree around with a single swipe on the screen.

Virtual pink Christmas tree in Augmented Reality
That’s so beautiful, it the punk color of the tree blended so well with the UI, such a mood elevating moment that was.

I have to admit that after playing with the colors I felt a great sense of joy, I have no idea why. The bright vivid colors of the tree just wrapped me with a feeling of joy. I found myself moving around and inside the tree. I think it’s the first time that I actually felt the psychological effect of colors. it was such a strong effect and it’s kind of weird that it happened particularly in this app. No kidding, you should try it yourself, I’m sure I am not the only one who gets to feel it this way.

There is also a built-in camera app where you can take a snapshot of your customized virtual Christmas tree without the UI and share it with your friends and family members.

Among all the other Christmas virtual tree iOS apps that I’ve tried, this one is among my favorite ones. It definitely lacks interaction and cool animations like some of the other Christmas apps that I’ve tried, but it impresses with its realistic visuals, something that many of the other apps that I’ve tried don’t offer.

If you are searching for a virtual Christmas tree app with a realistic looking 3D tree rendering, I highly recommend checking out Christmas Fun AR.

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