Deck Your Halls app

Deck Your Halls App Review (iOS)

After writing my post about a list of AR iOS apps and games for Christmas, I was on a journey to find many great Christmas apps. I came across an AR Christmas experience app called Deck Your Halls.

Christmas presents and other props in Augmented Reality
Deck Your Halls brings the Christmas spirit to every home using Augmented Reality.

In my opinions, this is bar far the most cheerful and exciting Christmas Augmented Reality (AR) app I’ve come across.  In many of the other apps, you can only place a Christmas tree or maybe a Santa if the developer felt being generous. The AR games are really nothing special, or at least I haven’t come across ones that were worth my time and your time.

Anyways, Deck Your Halls is exactly the opposite of that, it’s the first app that really turned my boring living room into beautifully decorated Christmas room.  It completely transforms the little space that I have and added the needed touch of AR magic.

Users can easily add whimsical AR Christmas decorations anywhere they are. There is a large selection of Christmas props to decorates your space, some of them are even animated. You can spawn a dancing gingerbread cookie, various Christmas trees, fireplaces, present boxes, animated flying airplanes, animated toy train railroad and even make snowflakes fall down from the sky

List of Christmas props in an iOS AR app
The list is longer, just scroll to the right to reveal more of them.
gingerbread and other toys in AR
A dancing gingerbread, a musical joker pop-out box, a toy train, a Christmas tree and lots of other props waiting for you in Deck Your Halls iOS Christmas app.

Everything is designed with the same type of colorful, mildly rounded, cartoony-style design.  There is even an interactive musical pop-up Christmas present for you to play with. I really liked the candy fireplace with the cinnamon sticks like wood burning in a pink burning fire. The sound effects are really nice and help make the entire scene feel so playful and lively. You can even fill up the place with several props of the same type. For example, you can deploy dozens of gif boxes on the floor, Christmas tree, and dancing gingerbread dolls and it’s really fun doing so.

Christmas fireplace and trees in augmented reality
Such an adorable and cheerful scene. It made my morning, I have to tell you that. Look at the beautiful cinnamon sticks burning in a candy-like fireplace with a pink-ish sweet fire-just AWESOME!

Every item can be scaled and rotated, and you can even delete an item by choosing it an then tapping the recycle bin icon on the left side of the screen. The app comes with a built-in camera app which allows users to capture photos and videos without the UI. Have you ever have a need to start over, just click the reset button and start from fresh.

Christmas Spirit in augmented reality
A Christmas spirit in Augmented Reality. The scene looked great from any distance and any angle. I really enjoyed crouching and getting close to them with the camera. You can really get some really nice close-up shots. Just make sure to put someone in the frame with them to spice things up.

Deck Your Halls is by far the most entertaining and satisfying Chrismas AR iOS app that I’ve tried to date. Keep in mind that it was made using Apple’s ARKit technology, which means it’s only compatible with ARKit-compatible iPhone and iPad devices running Apple’s latest OS, iOS 11.0. It’s also worth mentioning that the app is not optimized for the iPad, just for the iPhone. When I played it on the iPad I’ve got black borders around the app, just so you know. According to the official website, those devices are supported: iPhone 6s/6s+, iPhone 7/7+, iPhone SE, iPhone 8/8+ and iPhone X.

Here’s a video showing me toying around with the app.

Also, keep in mind that there is no way to save your decorations. The only way to keep it is by taking a snapshot or record a video of it, which you can later share with friends and family members.

One last screenshot…

Deck Your Halls Christmas AR app for iOS, screenshot
How can you say no to this app? I couldn’t – Get it!

Highly Recommended! Download Deck Your Halls from the App Store here.