Wrapping up 2017

Wrapping up 2017 and Welcoming 2018

I didn’t start this blog too long ago. At this time I was able to play and test out hundreds of Augmented Reality apps for iOS. I bought my iPad specifically for that purpose. I was and still, am fascinated with this emerging new technology and its possibilities. I think developers are just scratching the surface with what can be achieving with it, yet, I’ve seen some incredible apps even a short time after Apple made ARKit available to the market.

If you are following the latest news on the web or on Twitter, you must have seen all the crazy ideas that people make using Apple’s ARKit technology. I didn’t limit myself to any specific type of apps, I tried everything, including games, educational apps, children’s apps, etc. I wanted to get a deep understanding of how this technology translates to an entertaining and educational medium in practice and how fun it actually is using it. I wanted to understand its pros and cons and see what ideas developers are coming up with. The longer the time I’ve spent with it, the more I was fascinated by it and by its potential.

In 2017 I’ve shared with you some very in-depth reviews about the most noticeable iOS Augmented Reality apps and games.  I open up several social channels on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, all to try to share my passion about AR and let you guys get a closer look at the world of Augmented Reality. I wanted those who don’t have an access to this technology to be able to feel what this technology is all about. I shared with you lots of gameplay videos to help so you can see what apps are available out there and help you make a choice whether they worth your time or not.

A few days ago I’ve designed an “Editor’s Choice” award badge, which was meant to award the most noticeable, game-changing, valuable and entertaining AR apps and show my appreciation to the developers who develop them.

Some of the apps like Castle Must Be Mine ARJigSpace, Vixeo AR Movie MakerMeddling Martians AR, and W.AR Augmented Reality, all show us the remarkable things that can be achieved with this technology once it lands in the hands of talented and visionary developers. The tools are there for you to create great things, and it’s up to the developer’s imagination to come up with gaming-changing apps that will show the world what amazing apps can be built with this technology.

I also want to focus on ARCore as well, but at the moment I cannot afford a second device.In the future, I hope that I could afford one and be able to cover ARCore on my blog as well.

One last thing. I just want to let you know that I am a single person running this blog and all the social channels. I write the content, make the designs and videos and do all the maintenance stuff around it. If you love what I do and want to support me, you can do so by visiting my Patreon page which is linked as a pinned tweet on my Twitter page. I definitely need it and will greatly appreciate it.

I want to thank you all for visiting my blog and social channels. I am in constant contact with some of you on Twitter (those who read it know who I mean) and I thank you so much for being supportive and sharing your thoughts and feedback with me.

I hope 2018 will be much more exciting with great new Augmented Reality apps and games. You can be sure that whatever comes up, I’ll do my best to give you the best coverage with in-depth analysis, screenshots, and videos.

Again, thank you all and Happy new year!