War Castle AR

War Castle AR Game Preview

Yesterday I came across an ARKit game in Japanese called War Castle AR, or as its Japanese name on the App Store ‘城堡纷争AR’. It’s a strategy, Clash Royale like tower rush video game played in augmented reality.

I don’t know Japanese so I can’t write a full review of it. I was just able to play an individual mode that was active. For some reason, the other modes weren’t clickable and I had no idea why. There is a grayed out text, but I have no idea what it reads.

I kind of liked that particular mode. I played against an AI opponent. Both players can play simultaneously. You have a selection of cards that represent different minions or spells which you can use during battle. Once you use a card, you need to wait 20 seconds in order to use another card again. The game felt quite slow this way and I actually preferred a cooldown for each card rather than a global one.

There are ranged and close combat units. The goal is to reduce the enemy’s castle health to zero to win.

The map looks really good, very detailed and with nice fog effect covering the battlefield. War Castle AR (城堡纷争AR) also features great music, sound effects, and voices. The whole gameplay experience felt really good in AR.

I wish I can understand Japanese to be able to understand how to progress through the game.

I definitely recommend checking it out if you do know how to read Japanese. Here is the link to the official page on iTunes.

If you don’t understand Japanese and want something quite similar that looks and plays great, check out Toy Clash AR, a great tower offense ARKit game.