Euclidean Lands AR game Review

Euclidean Lands Game Review (AR Mode)

I’ve heard great things about Euclidean Lands, that it’s one of the most compelling and original puzzle games out there for iOS. In Version 2.0, the developer, Kunabi Brother, added Augmented Reality mode for iOS 11. This was a good enough reason for me to buy this game and see how well it runs in AR and write a review about it.

Euclidean Lands is a puzzle game in which you need to move your character on a complex 3D structure, killing enemies and avoid getting kills as you move towards the exit point. It’s hard for me to describe this game, The level rotation gameplay mechanics are quite similar to the way you play a Rubik’s Cube, but of course, has more complex mechanics.

Euclidean Lands AR mode screenshot
Euclidean Lands in AR Mode. The game starts with simple puzzles, get’s more complicated as you progress through.

In the first puzzles, you learn the basics of the game. You tap the closest square to move your character forward. You learn how to use a shield and protect yourself from enemies. In order to take down an enemy unit, you need to attack it from any side, other than the front. Each level requires you to clean all enemies and reach the red circular exit area in order to move on to the next level. The game includes various types of enemies and fierce boss fights.

It’s a very challenging game that will make you think well before making a step. I’ve spent even more than 30 minutes trying to solve one level, but that one was very tricky and challenging. I felt really good once I was able to figure out how to do it. This is one of the great things about Euclidean Lands, it can really make your brain explode and the moment you thought you got it all, it throws you into more complex and challenging levels.

AR puzzle game, character crossing a bridge
This is where I was stuck, I couldn’t see the exit which was right underneath the pillar.

The game has really beautiful art-style, simple, yet very calming and perfectly fits the theme and the game genre.

I’ve played both the regular isometric mode and the AR mode. I have to admit that their isometric mode looks better because of the beautiful vibrant background color that matches the art-style of the 3D objects and characters. On the other hand, AR poses some tricky challenges that I didn’t have the isometric version. For example, in one of the levels where you get to use the shield. I didn’t see the exit because it was underneath the pillar of the castle. I needed to move around a bit to see it. In the isometric version, I was able to see it straight away.

Isometric game mode, Euclidean Lands screenshot
This is Euclidean Lands’ Regular isometric mode. Changing to AR is done while on the level selection screen, you can’t do it during the level itself.

The flicking mechanics works really nice and I really enjoyed playing with the level like a Rubik’s Cube, trying different tactics and figure my way out of those tricky puzzles. I’m pretty sure that it will be more comfortable playing this game on the iPhone than the iPad due to its smaller size. The reason for this is because you’ll need to be precise with your swipe gestures, so holding the iPad in one hand and swiping with the other hand isn’t that comfortable. You need to keep in mind that you’ll probably be standing while playing this game, so it might not be that comfortable to use, especially if you have small hands.

According to toe the official game’s page on the App Store, in version 2.0 you can play all levels in augmented reality mode, and they wrote (for iOS 11). That leads me to an understanding that this mode was developed using the ARKit, but my impressions with the surface scanning weren’t positive at all. In fact, it took the game close to a minute to find a surface to play the game on in AR mode. I tried it several times with the same slow results. Once the level was ready, even then, it was quite jittery.

Let’s check out some Euclidean Lands gameplay, shall we?

I think Euclidean Lands is a very challenging and entertaining puzzler. There are already many reviews out there that covered the regular non-AR mode so I just wanted to add my opinion about the AR version of it. I will certainly play this game again, but to be honest, I’m not sure that I’ll do it in AR. If you haven’t played this game yet and love puzzle games, just get this game, but just keep in mind that the AR version isn’t perfect. I hope that the developer will address those issues and optimize the AR mode so it will work more smoothly.

The game wasn’t designed for AR from the get-go, but overall, even considering the fact, it’s still one of the more innovative, challenging, and engaging puzzle games in the App Store. I personally more interested to play puzzle games that are built from the ground up for AR, because it brings new mechanics that we haven’t get a chance to play before.

I personally enjoy YuME: Alice’s Dream better because of its original AR-oriented puzzle solving features. There are some great non-AR puzzle games out there, but my focus on this blog is about great AR experiences. A game can be great, but it’s AR version might be less immersive. In my reviews, I try to also rank the game based on how innovative and fun its AR features are. A game like YuME is built around solving optical illusion based puzzles by positioning yourself around the level. Although it’s not as complex and brain teasing as  Euclidean Lands is, but still I was very immersed and had a lot of fun playing it.

Euclidean Lands is just a port of the original title to AR. I am still in a search for an AR-only title that will blow my mind. Euclidean Lands is still an amazing puzzle, whichever mode you decide to play it on.

You can download this game from the App Store here: Euclidean Lands – kunabi brother GmbH

Euclidean Lands


Euclidean Lands is one of the most completing AR puzzle games out there. The AR mode does have its quirks, at least in the version that I’ve tested on my iPad. Yet, when things work, they work well and your get to enjoy a very addictive and challenging puzzle game.